ModPack Spotlight: Incurro Feritas

Although Incurro Feritas contains many mods that are considered hardcore, it’s actually very easy to get into. The modpack is based around adventure, rather than difficulty. Each mod is included to create the sense of an ancient and wild land for you to explore. Magic mods abound, while technological mods are absent. Altered hunger and mobs mean that your mind will always be on two things: food and shelter. 

The most difficult part about Incurro Feritas is the beginning. The combination of The Spice of Life and Hunger Overhaul mean that you will need to set up your farming situation immediately. The mods included do their best to help you along. Pots scattered around the ground can be broken Zelda-style to give you emeralds and hearts, both of which are amazingly useful in this modpack. There are wandering villagers everywhere to trade with, and many of them offer food or advanced tools. You also start off with a set of everything you need to get you started—including bread, weapons, a fishing rod, and even bows and arrows. A few hostile mobs will spawn during the day, but they are things you can handle right from the start with your sword.

That isn’t to say it’s a walk in the park—if you’re stuck with a bad spawn, you could find yourself dying constantly. Even after you set up, your most advanced technology comes in the form of Flaxbeard’s Steampower. Setting up a base has to be done almost entirely out of magic. It’s actually refreshing to play without immediately setting up a factory that optimizes the amount of ores you get. Iguana Tweaks and Tinker’s Construct limit tool progression, but it actually makes sense to include it in the pack. Many other modpacks throw these two in to arbitrarily create difficulty, but their presence in Incurro Feritas actually adds to the immersion. 

This modpack is perfect for players who want to try out hardcore mode for the first time. It is more difficult than vanilla, but not difficult enough to be impossible or frustrating. The game helps you along at the start with a whole inventory of goodies, and there are so many structures and villagers scattered in the world that you should have no problem focusing on food—rather than shelter—in your first few days. I can also see it working for players who are new to modded Minecraft, for all the same reasons. The focus on exploration and immersion makes setting up your home and advancing your magic and technology vastly rewarding.

The only detrimental part of this mod is easily fixed. Although it’s pretty, Better Foliage drastically brings down the frame rate and makes it very difficult to spot fruit trees in the wild. The modpack has very few mods focused on adding more food and recipes, so finding these trees is critical to your survival.


‘Incurro Feritas’ can translate into two things, depending on your interpretation of the words: ‘I venture the wilds,’ or ‘I incur savagery.’ Given the theme of the pack, I’m leaning towards the first interpretation. Finding your home in the infinite wilderness has never been more fun, and I highly recommend that you give this modpack a try if you haven’t already.


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