ModPack Spotlight: Weasel UHS

Weasel UHS  by claycorp brings a new flavor of hardcore to modded Minecraft. The world becomes a hostile place to players through the use of additional mobs and dungeons, along with altered behavior for pre-existing mobs. You are limited early on by the tools you use, foods you eat, and the deep darkness that has replaced night. Once you are lucky enough to forge tools, would-be strip miners will find no luck in the depths of the world. Whether you want to create a beautiful garden, construct a technological base, or set up a magical labyrinth, your only way of getting your resources will be through treacherous adventure.


At first glance, Weasel UHS seems to throw in just any dangerous or inconvenient mods. You will find Lycanite’s Mobs, Deadly World, Doomlike Dungeons, Spice of Life, Hardcore Ender Expansion, Iguana Tweaks, and Roguelike Dungeons—all of which are go-to hardcore mods in 1.7.10 packs. While all of these certainly add to the immersion of the world, experienced players of Hardcore packs might miss the novelty of the pack and pass it up as soon as night arrives and perfect darkness occurs. Iguana Tweaks in particular is a frustrating mod to include, since it forces players to use a single mod before progressing to later mods. 

Before going through Tinker’s Construct, you will be unable to battle, explore, smelt, mine, or…really, anything. This becomes very important when night arrives—if you don’t have a bed, expect to spend 10 minutes in perfect darkness, because you literally won’t be able to see a thing. There is nothing in the world that creates natural light at night, and the modpack forces the client to have a completely black screen unless there is some form of light nearby. Players might be lucky enough to find some gravel to convert to flint so that they can mine some stone and coal before darkness falls…but, well, not everyone is lucky.


So, what is the correct way of playing this modpack, once you get through Tinker’s Construct? The modpack has a tagline that helps with that question: “Hardcore like you never thought! Adventure is rewarded based on the risks you take!” Wondering if this was actually true, I made it my priority to go caving immediately. Several of the mods add incredibly difficult mobs, dungeons, and features to caves. You can consider yourself lucky if you find lava without some kind of creature reigning fiery death upon you. Even regular mobs will have bonus effects, armor, and behaviors that will make them far more deadly than usual. But, just as their catchphrase claims, you will also find loot.


Loot chests in the game are incredibly generous. Metal armor, ingots, potions, and rare items are guaranteed to grace your presence if you dare to try and find them. Because of how difficult these items are to obtain in the early game, it’s worth it to craft a sword before anything else and battle through the caves until you find a chest to jump start your play through. 

After you get into the swing of things, you’ll start to notice the different tweaks that are built into Weasel UHS. Poor Ores makes metal even more precious than usual, and encourages players to ration out the use of their ores. Hardcore Hunger was deliberately left out, despite the inclusion of Spice of Life. This keeps the modpack from being downright impossible. Mine Safety is a clever mod that was included and forces players to wear helmets while underground, lest they take damage. All of these are deliberate and unique ways of making the modpack more difficult without causing frustration for players. Unfortunately, you don’t notice them until you’ve progressed through the same old stuff you deal with in other hardcore modpacks.


Along with those hardcore tweaks, Weasel UHS includes some mods that make it perfect for server play. TapeMouse makes it easier to AFK farm, which is sometimes a necessity. The direction HUD helps players navigate together without pulling up the debug menu every two minutes to locate each other. The Kappa Experience creates a custom chat menu that encourages people to chat with one another from across the world. There are plenty of decoration mods to construct with as well—something that is missing from many other packs. 

Although the beginning of the modpack might be something hardcore players are familiar with, the rest of the modpack manages to create a unique experience. As long as you get a lucky seed, it should be easy to progress through the modpack and create a home. You just have to be prepared to die. A lot.


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