Terraria Map Feature: A Link to Terraria

Today I'll be featuring a map that was made by myself, ahamling27. That's right, this round of adventuring is on me! Among my creations is Adventure! - An adventure map inspired by Zeldaand this feature will be covering what you might consider to be the spritual successor to that map, titled: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to Terraria.

It all started out as just an update to my old Adventure! map, but it quickly evolved into something much more. Since Adventure! came out back in July of 2011, Terraria has had some major content additions, mostly the mechanical aspects that were added into patch 1.1. I haven't had any previous expreience building a map with mechanics in mind so A Link to Terraria took a little longer than I thought it would.

I've done what I can to the story. You play as Link and are tasked with saving the Princess Zelda by defeating Gannondorf thereby bringing peace back to the land of Hyrule. You'll journey through seven dungeons and temples collecting Souls of Might. There are nine dungeons total, with 4 bosses and one mini boss. 

There are tons of secrets, I think I quadrupled the amount of goodies and heart crystals you can find. You'll find secret caves, fight through pitch black jungle, and out-run an exploding and collapsing tunnel, and this time with real explosions! (In Adventure! there were no such items and you literally had to pretend that you were out-running a collapsing tunnel.)

This adventure map is best played with a Legend of Zelda texture pack. Currently there are two versions to choose from and they both provide an excellent conversion from the look of Terraria to the look of the Legend of Zelda. The texture pack featured in the video is called The New Zelda Texture Pack by Imperishable and you can find it here with the instructions on how to install TCCL(the program to load custom texture packs) and the texture pack itself. If you know what a 1x1 pixel texture pack is, and prefer the 2x2 pixel look of regular Terraria, then Mike's The Legend of Zelda texture pack is the one for you. You'll have to follow the instructions on how to install TCCL from the other texture pack link though.

This adventure map has been in the works since February and I'm very happy with the outcome. You can play it singleplayer or multiplayer for up to four players. I really hope you enjoy it! Good luck, and have fun!

Click here for more information and to download the map.


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