Terraria Map Feature: The Cloud Layer

Today we are featuring the survival map The Cloud Layer, by TerrariaOnline.com forum meber MrCheese911. The Cloud layer isn't your typical island based survival map and exploring this large world will take a good amount of time.

Since this is a survival map, there really aren't any rules. The game plays like vanilla Terraria, but you won't be starting out emptyhanded. Ore's and treasure chests are scattered all around this world and can really help speed up your progression through the game. Even tools like an anvil and furnace are supplied right at the start, and I really appreciated the head start that gave me.

There a good helping of islands to discover as well. From large arenas full of traps and monster spawns, to abandoned villages. Of course there are the usual corruption and jungle islands, but they are definitely outnumbered by unique and unusual islands.

I asked MrCheese911 some questions and he was kind enough to answer:

ahamling27(AH): Is this the first map you have made for Terraria?
MrCheese911(MC): This is my first Terraria map that I have made, but I have made maps in other games too.

(AH): What was one thing you learned about creating a map that you learned while making The Cloud Layer?
(MC): I learned many things making the map, however, the one that sticks in my mind is that I could only seem to have one statue (with a timer) on a single switch. This caused problems making my arena because I had to make sure the wires didn't collide with others and I had to have lots of switches for the different wire paths. There is properly a workaround but I'm a wire noob.

(AH): What is your favorite part of this map?
(MC): My personal favorite part of the map is the arena because I like challenges and fighting mobs.

(AH): What was the hardest thing to implement into this map?
(MC): Again, the wiring was the hardest part, however I also found it was hard to balance the gameplay with chests, ore and progression overall (still could do with some work).

(AH): Are you working on another map? Perhaps a sequel?
(MC): I am currently focusing on adding a hard mode side of my map which will pretty much double the play time of the map. I am also trying to find a way to fix the wall of flesh bug that occurred in PsiSyndicates playthrough.

If you like to play vanilla Terraria(and who doesn't?) this is the type of map for you. It's also a good map to spend quite a bit of time in, because of the nature of gathering all your resources. At the same time though you might run into a treasure chest and come swinging away with a Phaseblade. For more information or to download this map, click here.


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