Terraria Map Feature: Minilands

Today's Terraria Map Feature is a survival and adventure map called "Minilands" by TerrariaOnline forum member IcyPRO. Minilands isn't your traditional adventure map. In fact, it's hard to call it an adventure map, but the term survival fits it nicely. There are no specific rules except to start a new character, and the creator touts "You can visit every biome, fight every monster or boss, and get all the items in this map".

Minilands doesn't require you to throw away your pickaxe, it embraces it and asks you to dig away, right from the beginning. What you won't do is dig out of the map's boundaries because the whole map is made up of biome-islands. This brings about some unique challenges and frustrations.

If you are like me, you would want to rush through the first part, getting some decent armor and weapons, so you can take on a boss and get shadow armor and weapons. Well, in Minilands, that is sort difficult. Instead you'll be doing a lot of exploring. Chests are strewn about all over the place, and when I say all over the place I mean in places they normally aren't.

This will become apparent very quickly in your playthrough, when you dig down into the ground towards a dark part of the land and come across a buried chest. There are probably just as many buried chests as there are ones right in the open, but that's the charm of Minilands. There is lots of treasure to find, especially shadow chests that you can't open till you find the shadow key.

Minilands has all your standard biomes, grassy, underground, jungle, corruption, mushroom, hell, the dungeon, and even some hallow. The map is designed to be tackled almost any way you want to. You just have to make your way where you want to go with sky bridges and so forth.

I asked IcyPRO some questions and he kindly replied.

ahamling27(AH): Minilands is kind of a hybrid between a traditional adventure map and plain old Terraria, was this the plan when you started making your map or did it just turn into that after you started building it?

IcyPRO(Icy): It was my plan, I wanted to keep good old Terraria gameplay style.

(AH): You mention in your tread that you started building your map in November before the 1.1 update. Was your plan to get it done before 1.1 or were you anticipating adding to it once 1.1 came out?

(Icy): At first i thought that the creation of this map was going to take me like 3 days, but then I realised it would take me weeks, so I waited for the next update.

(AH): What was the biggest challenge building Minilands?

(Icy): The biggest chalenge was the dungeon, it cost me a lot of time to make, but it wasn't that much more challenging then the other lands(they cost me a lot of time too). The most boring was creating land shapes and placing walls behind them.

(AH): What did you use to build your map?

(Icy): TEdit, love that program, sometimes a little buggy, but meh.

(AH): What is your favorite part of Minilands?

(Icy): I definitely love shroom land, then snow land and then my drastic dungeon. xD

This is not a map you'll be finished with in a few hours though. It will take you a while to finish, just like actually playing Terraria from start to finish would take you a long time, unless your name is Yrimir. If your looking for a traditional adventure map though, this might not be for you, if you want a different way to play the original Terraria, then I think you'll really like this map. I am really enjoying the map right now, and I'm still at the grass and corruption areas.

Download and more information can be found here.


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