Minecraft Spotlight - Lava Furnace

Welcome to the Monday Minecraft Spotlight! Today we will cover Lava Furnace, a crafting plugin created by arcwolf.

With this plugin, players can build a new type of furnace that is powered by lava. This does not only increase the burn time of the furnace, but also makes it possible to craft items automatically.

To craft automatically, the furnaces makes use of two chests that are to be placed next to it. One chest holds the raw materials, while the other one will be used for storing the cooked and smelted items. Besides materials, the source chest can also be used for storing fuel.

Simply follow these steps and your players will be enjoying this plugin in no time!

  1. Download the latest version of Lava Furnace from here or here.
  2. Place the "LavaFurnace.jar" file in the "plugins" folder, located in your server's main directory.
  3. Start or reload your server.
  4. Check if the "LavaFurnace" folder has been added to the "plugins" folder successfully.
  5. Open the .yml files found in the folder mentioned above to configure the plugin.
  6. Reload your server to load your new configuration.
  7. Enjoy your newly installed plugin!

The provided configuration file allows you to change both the burn time of a furnace and the cook time of specific items, and much more.

Lava Furnace is an excellent plugin that makes smelting and cooking easier than ever. Thanks to the use of chests, players can craft large amounts of items without having to refill the furnace over and over again. Furthermore, the plugin can be configured to suit your needs.

Thanks to MadPixel for the Minecrafter font.


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