World of Warcraft Spotlight: Scrap

World of Warcraft Addon Spotlight


Welcome to our weekly World of Warcraft Addon Spotlight! This week we have the spotlight on Scrap by Jaliborc, a highly customizable addon to sell all your junk while also auto-repairing your gear, so you don't have to!

Managing your junk items in World of Warcraft can be a chore and it's a shame that Blizzard doesn't auto-sell junk items for you, but that's where Scrap comes in. At first glance, you won't even notice it, except when you find a vendor for the first time and you're full of junk items.

Scrap does a good job of selling all your junk, but if you have certain common/uncommon/whatever items that aren't junk, you can set items as junk manually and there's also a list to set items up as useful, so Scrap doesn't autosell them like it normally would. Plus, Scrap touts itself as a learning addon. It supposedly learns what you sell the most and will put those items on the junk list. It must take quite a bit of selling the same items over and over again because with my limited time with Scrap, it hasn't learned anything yet, but at least it's an option and hopefully it learns some things as I level through Warlords of Draenor.

There's also support for plugins, so if you run a bag addon like Bagnon, Baggins or Combuctor, you can get a plugin that'll filter and or highlight your junk items. There's also a plugin to match the ElvUI if that's your thing, and there's also an optional plugin called Scrap Cleaner that will delete your cheapest junk to make room for more useful loot. I almost wish this was built into Scrap itself, but it works as a plugin almost just as easily. 

Finally, there's the obligatory auto-repair option that Scrap includes, so you don't need yet another addon to do that for you. You can set this to use Guild funds first of course, but that's the only option when it comes to auto-repairing. If you need more than your basic repairs done, find another auto-repair addon, but you can turn auto-repairing off in Scrap, so it shouldn't conflict with other auto-repair addons. 

Gallery: Scrap

Final Words

Scrap works so seamlessly, I wouldn't be surprised if users never see the options screen, as it's pretty much an install-and-forget type of addon. Here's the bottom line, if you play WoW at all, you need a junk selling addon and Scrap does that with the best of them. Plus, you can always find the interface screen and setup the auto-repair function if you want to. You can find Scrap at its project page right here on if you want to check it out yourself! Search for Scrap (Junk Seller) in the Curse Client to install today!


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