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Profession Leveling Guide

Welcome to the latest World of Warcraft Spotlight! This time we will feature Profession Leveling Guide, an addon developed by wolfpack4.

If you are looking for the fastest way to levelup your professions, you will likely come across countless guides available on the internet. Using one of these guides means you will have to leave the game every now and then to check the guide. With this addon, that will no longer be necessary, as it introduces an ingame guiding system.

Profession Leveling Guide, or PLG for short, is an addon that does not require the use of commands or any form of configuration. All you will have to do is installing it and you are good to go.

Once installed, a PLG window will pop up automatically upon opening your professions window. It will suggest you recipes that improve your skills as much as possible, while also taking into account the costs of the required materials. This way, you can level up your skills quickly, without spending too much.


Simply clicking the "Install via Curse Client" button found on the addon page is all you have to do to install this addon.

World of Warcraft Interview

We also had the opportunity to hold an interview with the developer behind Profession Leveling Guide, be sure to continue reading to learn more about the process behind the addon.

How did you get into World of Warcraft?
My brother started playing and kept talking about it.  It got to the point where I figured I may as well start playing so I knew what on earth he was referring to.  Primordial this, elemental that, shard of the other..

What made you decide to become an addon developer?
I've been a software developer and web designer for over 15 years.  When programs don't work the way I want them to, I tend to build my own. In this case, the information bar I was using got killed by a patch and was never updated.  So I built my own.

What was your inspiration for this specific project?
I got tired of opening up a web browser and searching for guides on leveling my professions.  Switching between windows all the time was a pain.  So I thought about just gathering all that data and displaying it in the game.

How did the community respond to the addon’s release?
So far the response has been great.  I've worked with a few people to fix interaction between this addon and other TradeSkill addons.  I've had a couple of volunteers translating into other languages.  Everyone has been helpful with bug fixes, answering questions, and posting screenshots so I can make this better.

Approximately how long did it take to finish the first functioning version of Profession Leveling Guide?
The first version took me about 2 weeks to build and 2 more weeks to test. 

Did you come across any challenges during development and, if any, how did you handle them?
Creating the data files.  Boring!  But with the help of a very long playlist on my mp3 player, I managed to get through it with my sanity intact.  Seriously though, it was figuring out how to test a profession without actually leveling a profession.  I've written in some extensive debugging routines that let me go through each profession, level by level.  

What was your favourite development tool for this project?
Notepad+.  It's more about the research than the programming software though and I'd be lost without wowprogramming, wowwiki, and wowhead.

Have you learned anything new from this project?
Quite a lot actually.  This is the first time I've dealt with traditional frames, the quest tracker, and localization.  I was surprised there was a localization section in CurseForge.  And that's helpful because you can open it up for anyone to add translations.

What stage of Profession Leveling Guide’s development process did you enjoy most?
The part where I started leveling and didn't have to open up a web browser.  Ahhhhhh…

And what is your favourite feature of the addon itself?
Being able to click and set a waypoint to the quest giver or recipe vendor I need next.  I don't have to find the recipe in a guide, then look it up on wowhead, then track down the NPC, then hunt down the coordinates, then manually set a waypoint.  It's all right there.

Are you currently working on any other addons or updates?
I posted a major update the first week of May and I'm still fine tuning it.  Aside from that there's <shameless_plug>Glance Information Bar</shameless_plug>, that's the first one I developed.  Think Titan Panel, but better.  At least, I get a number of comments to that effect.  WoW Insider and the Gold Queen did reviews on it.  I doubt I'll start anything new until the next expansion comes out, and when it does I'll be busy making my addons work again.  I'm tempted to recreate True Item Level.  The author seems to have vanished after patch 5.0.  I've fixed my version and I've offered to take it over but have gotten no response.

In addition to your World of Warcraft addons, have you ever released any custom content for other games?
No, not for other games.  But the second Star Wars (SWTOR) opens up and allows addons…

Besides your own projects, what are some of your favourite addons from other authors and why?
There are some brilliant minds out there.  Some addons I like because of the features, some because the concept was genius, and some because the coding is just beautifully done.  With that I'd like to thank the author of GTFO for getting my character's ass out of the fire too many times to mention. DigitalUtopia for the brilliant PhotoShop BLP plugin.  I've been looking for that for Years.  Well done!  I can go on for a while, how much room do I have here?

Do you have any advice for other upcoming addon developers?
If you don't like how an addon works, or if you can't find an addon that does what you want, build your own.  Chances are other people are looking for it too.

Reaching the end of the interview, we would like to thank wolfpack4 for taking the time to answer our questions!

Final Words

Profession Leveling Guide is an excellent choice if you are interested in improving your professions as quickly as possible, without having to leave the game. It will suggest you the best recipes, tell you when to visit a trainer and much more.


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