World of Warcraft Spotlight - Boss Notes

World of Warcraft Spotlight
Boss Notes

Welcome to the latest World of Warcraft Spotlight! This time we will cover Boss Notes, an addon developed by DrKazza.

With this addon you will be able to share useful information regarding bosses  with your guild members and other players. After encountering a boss, you can simply create a note that you can either keep private or share with others. This way, you can learn from your mistakes and help your friends as well.

Besides information on bosses, the addon can also be used as a notepad for general notes.

While taking notes is the main feature of the addon, it also comes with other handy tools; such as the Abilities module and the Tacticts module. These modules list the abilities of bosses and mobs, and provide tactics for taking on bosses.


Simply clicking the "Install via Curse Client" button found on the main page is all you have to do to install this addon.

Final Words

Boss Notes is a very useful addon that allows you to take notes about boss encounters and share them with your friends. Besides taking notes, the addon also comes with various modules that provide tactics and other helpful info.


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