WoW Spotlight - Atlas World Events

Welcome to another World of Warcraft add-on spotlight! In this issue we are covering Atlas World Events, by Arith.


It's that time of the year again: Lunar Festival has come! An event filled with fireworks, fancy clothing and reasons to hit the road - specially when the two new magic lanterns introduced last year are now able to battle. So, prepare your backpack and get going!

Yet, if you're gonna chase the world for elder's blessings - and their coins - then Atlas World Events might be worth of your time.

The Addon 

In case you don't know Atlas, here's the story short: it's an alternative to the standard instance maps. But, instead of hand drawn maps, it provides much more detailed satellite view maps, extracted from minimap data. Think of it as google maps, but for Azeroth. 

Atlas World Events is a plugin for such addon. It adds new maps to Atlas, specially designed to help you complete world events. Currently, these events are supported:

  • Lunar Festival
  • Midsummer Fire Festival
  • Darkmoon Faire
  • Brewfest
  • Hallow's End

This makes it an extremely useful addon all year round. For Lunar Festival, as an example, it provides maps with the location of all elders. Additionally, those maps include all other key locations for the event, such as where to find the Coin of Ancestry "authorized vendors", or the beast Omen.


We also had the opportunity to have a chat with the add-on's author, Arith:

Quote from
Which is your favorite: Lunar or Midsummer festival?

 I would say Midsummer Festival, because you can be solo, no need to go into dungeon, and is quite challenging as you have to visit Horde (or Alliance) village or even their major city to desecrate the flame.

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What motivated you to start this Atlas plugin?

 I was inspired by an event guide posted on a game forum, the post showed each flame's location map and the coordinates, although some of the maps are not quite correct.

When the second (or maybe third?) year came and the festival started again, I was searching for that old forum post, it took me for a while.

I remember that I was already an Atlas addon author for a while, why I never think of creating such plugin? Such plugin can let me check the flame position in-game, I don't need to switch to the browser outside the game.

This is how this plugin was born.

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How do you collect the locations for each one of the events?

I started with the Midsummer Festival. I have created a set of maps for each flame's location long time ago, which I actually visit each of the flame location to check the exact position on the map. So it is quite straightforward for me to recreate a new set of maps for this plugin.

For the other events, I will refer to some game site such as wowhead or the wowwiki, and I will try to visit each of the event location or try to complete each of the event quest. So sometimes it will take me much time to collect all the data.

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Has there been any patch or event update specially toilsome to update?

 Yes, but not much. For example, the Darkmoon Faire was newly added when it was introduced in WoW 4.3.

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From all the festivities supported by Atlas World Events, which one do you think benefits the most from it?

 I am not sure how most of the users think, but personally I will vote for the Midsummer Festival. Or maybe the recent added Brewfest event.

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Could you tell us about any other mods you are working on, or have planned for the future?

 I am also maintaining Atlas, FastQuest Classic, Accountant Classic, and a few libraries like Babble-SubZone and Babble-Itemsets.

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Do you have any advice for potential new addon developers?

 Have passion and also be patient.

You need to love what you work so that you will be easier to achieve the target.

You need to be patient when there are some bugs reported. Once you release your addon to the public, the users may complain, and you need to be patient in dealing with those complaints, unless you don’t want to release it to public.

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We come to the end of the interview. Any shout-outs?

 WoW rocks! It’s 7 years!! Will it be last for 10 years? We will see.

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Could not agree more. Thank you for answering our questions and developing this addon! 

Gallery: Atlas World Events


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