WoW Spotlight - Daily Tamer Check

Welcome to another World of Warcraft add-on spotlight! In this issue we are covering Daily Tamer Check, by Saregon.

The Addon

Trying to get your hand on the most Sack of Pet Supplies possible? Finding it hard to memorize where Masters are located and which have you defeated on every single day? Then you might want to take a look at Daily Tamer Check

This addon provides a list of all the existing Master Trainers and the 4 Pandaren Spirits - which reward you with pet supplies when defeated. To help you on your world wide quest, it keeps track of which ones you have already defeated on the present day. 

Currently, the only way to toggle the panel is by typing a slash command in the chat frame: /dtc. (it correspond to the initials of the addon's name). 

But there's more: in case you gotta defeat 'em all, mouse hovering either of the continent icons at the bottom of the list will expand it do display the trainers from other locations:

  • Left: Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor
  • Right: Outland, Northrend and Cataclysmic Areas

To help you more easily find your goal, clicking on the "tracking" button also at the bottom will toggle the display of the coordinates where each battle takes place.

Additionally, DailyTamerCheck checks the calendar for Darkmoon Faire. If the faire is available, the Darkmoon pet battle dailies will also be displayed on the list.


We also had the opportunity to have a chat with the add-on's author, Saregon:

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First with the trivia: Pandaren Water, Air, Earth or Fire Spirit?

 I have no favorites but I can say that I find Air the most annoying.

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Agreed! What is your opinion on the upcoming elite pets?

I hope they will reveal to be a challenge for us.

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Now regarding DailyTamerCheck: what motivated you to start this project?

I felt the need of a simple addon to track my pet dailies after the implementation of flawless pet battle stones.

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Roughly how long did it take to complete the first usable version?

A few days.

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Did you come across any problems during development?

Nothing relevant.

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Tht's great news. How is the experience of working with the World of Warcraft UI?

I personally love how the WoW UI works, almost everything is completely manageable.

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Have you learned anything new from this project?

There is always something to learn, my poor Lua and WoW API knowledge have improved.

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What stage of development process did you enjoy most?

I enjoyed adding some style to the addon when I created the lateral frames' animations, I know it doesn't have anything to do with the addon functionality but wellsometimes I can't stop myself from opening and closing them just for fun.

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Could you tell us about any of your other released mods?

Priority List was my first impact with Lua one year ago. I wrote it to fit my guild's needs, tired of searching for raiders' priorities on the forum.

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Besides your own creations, what are your favorite addons and why?

Bartender4 is the only one I could not play without.

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We come to the end of the interview. Any shout-outs?

I'm glad that a lot of people found Daily Tamer Check useful and I want to thank you for this opportunity to show it to the community!

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No problem. Thank you for developing this mod and answering our questions! 

Gallery: DailyTamerCheck


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