World of Warcraft: Keeping the Game Free of Bugs

Most addons improve the game interface by providing more tools, features and customization to the player. But today, we will be featuring several addons that fix errors found in the default interface. Yes, bugs disregarded or forgotten by Blizzard.

Welcome to another World of Warcraft add-on spotlight!


BlizzBugsSucks is one of the foremost tools any player should use to protect himself from bugs. It is a compilation of bug fixes brought to you by several renewed add-on authors: Shefki, Torhal, Xinhuan and yssaril. Fixes are added as new issues and workarounds are found, and removed when fixed by Blizzard.

Check BlizzBugsSuck for the current listing of bug fixes.


Have you never found any issue while using the inspect window? Then consider yourself lucky! That window is extremely unstable and, the more addons you use, the more likely you are to run into trouble. Common manifestations include mysterious lua errors, the inspect window suddenly changing to show incorrect gear or talents, and tooltips inexplicably stopping to work.

InspectFix, by oscarucb, minimizes all this issues by changing how the inspect window works: for the better. 


Have you ever found yourself unable to click on clearly visible buttons? Have you ever realized that some UI elements were mysteriously missing? You have guessed it right: it's all Blizzard's fault.

StrataFix solves the problem - it fixes core issue found in the game interface that can cause all the above issues.

Guild Perks Fixer

Have you ever found some of your guild perks abilities to be strangely missing from the action bars? Then you should use Guild Perks Fixer, by Mazzop. It works both with the default action bars and addons that use the standard protocols (e.g: Dominos, Bartender, Cornucopia).

Show All Enemy Debuffs Fixer

In patch 4.0 a new option to hide enemy debuffs cast by other players was added. Unfortunately, there is an issue with the option: it does not remember the user preference, automatically enabling itself at each login. To fix the issue, users have two choices:

  1. Disable the option manually at each login.
  2. Use Show All Enemy Debuffs Fixer, by oscarucb


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