Quest Completelist - Never miss a quest!

Welcome to another World of Warcraft add-on spotlight! In this issue we are covering Quest Completelist, by Viduus.

The Addon

Quest types

Ever wondered which quests you have left to complete in a given zone? Then, whether you're seeking the loremaster achievement, or can't stand skipping content unfinished, this add-on is a must!

Quest Completelist allows you to search through all existing quests from any zone. Furthermore, it knows which quests your character has completed, which are not available for your faction or class, and which are daily or repeatable. Never miss a quest again!

But that's not all: Quest Completlist can also show any quest giver location on the world map. Furthermore, if you have TomTom enabled, it will point you in the right direction whenever you click on a quest name.

Using TomTom


We also had the opportunity to have a chat with the add-on's author, Viduus:

Quote from
Why did you come up with the idea for Quest Completelist?
I've been playing WoW since launch and have always been a bit of a completist when it came to things like quests and reputation. It always used to irritate me that there was never much visibility around what you had completed and what you hadn't, so I used to manually compile lists of quests for each zone by using various database sites, and would manually check them off as I completed them. It took me years before I considered writing an add-on to manage this for me as I had never got around to learning Lua - but eventually I decided it was time to give it a go.

How was the experience of working with the World of Warcraft UI?
Since I started development on Quest Completelist I've had a fairly positive experience working with the UI. It isn't too difficult to get started with, and the in game APIs that blizzard have exposed are fairly robust. The only down side is the lack of official documentation, but sites like wowprogramming and the wiki have done a pretty good job of helping out with this.

How do you manage to sustain a database of quests belonging to each zone and category?
A lot of this is thanks to the users of the Quest Completlist. As players quest throughout the world the add-on collects information about the quests they pick up, who they pick it up from, etc. After questing for a while they send me the data so that I can merge it into the database. Without this contribution from the users the database would not nearly be as complete as it is. Behind the scenes I am also doing a lot of questing, mapping, and trying to correct errors. Overall it is a fairly time consuming task, but I get tons of positive feedback from the users.

Did you come across any problems during development?
I've hit a few walls throughout the development of the add-on, but have been able to overcome the majority of them. Most of the time it is down to changes that blizzard have made in-game, rendering data out of date or in some way inaccurate. The user data really helps in correcting this but it does add a layer of complexity.

 Thank you to Viduus for answering our questions and developing this add-on.


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