LooksBetterOnYou - WoW Mod Spotlight

Welcome to one more World of Warcraft add-on spotlight! Today we're covering LooksBetterOnYou, by MSaint.

The Addon

Ever found a piece of armor and wondered how it would look on your other characters? Then this add-on will appeal to you, as it allows you to preview any item you come across on any of your available characters. It works on the standard and Auction House dressing rooms and, additionally, allows you to preview the equipment on any race and gender combination of your choice!

A useful tool for all kind of role-players, transmogrification, or just for fun! Keep in mind that you must log in to each of your characters once for the add-on to know they exist.


 We also had the opportunity to have a chat with the add-on's author, MSaint:

Quote from
Why did you decide to create this add-on?
A friend of mine pointed out to me that the Blizzard dressing room allowed to change which race and sex model were being used, and encouraged me to find a way to make this functionality easily available to others.  Considering that so many folks really love trying on and putting together transmogrification sets, it was clear to me that this addon really did need to be written, so I did it.

What did you find it most useful for?
When looking for nice transmogrification items, you really want to be able to see how any given item will look on your other characters. Before now, there was no reasonable way to do that.

How was the experience? Did you come across any problems?
This is a pretty straight forward and light-weight addon.  There are some nuances to the built-in functionality for trying on items that took a bit of time to figure out.  I also have looked closely at some taint issues with Blizzard's drop down menu implementation that are unavoidable.  I'm working on a drop down menu library that reproduce the functionality, since there is no reasonable way for addon authors to entirely avoid taint with the existing drop downs.

Any plans for new addons in the future?
There are actually a lot of addons I would like to write that I think would be useful and fun.  The day job makes it impossible to write them all, and especially to maintain them all.  I have two other addons out there right now, and a few that I use myself but have never polished up for general use.
    There is one in particular that I would like to finish up and publish:  the Blizzard API allows addons to easily check which quests a character has completed, and WoWHead makes it possible to compile a database of quests that give faction gains (and which quests depend on each other).  The addon I have partially written would allow players to see which quests are still available to them for working a given faction.
     The nice thing is that the addon can then tell them where they left off in the quest chains for a given faction.  Without the addon, it is really tough to know where you need to pick back up in those quest chains if you want to go back to a faction or zone.

Do you have any advice for others who would like to start modding?
People often remind each other that WoW is a game, and that they should remember to keep fun as a priority.  This should extend to writing addons.  It is unpaid programming.  And if you write an addon, you also need to maintain it. Don't do it unless you are going to have fun with all that as well!
    I'd like to add that LooksBetterOnYou is a new addon and that I am still working on adding functionality that I think should be there.  There are already alpha versions that allow you to save and load outfits that you like.  I won't release that functionality until I also add the ability to see or copy links for the items you are trying on.

  Thank you to MSaint for answering our questions and developing this add-on.


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