WoW Mod Spotlight & Interview - CompanionFilter

Welcome to one more World of Warcraft add-on spotlight! Today we're covering CompanionFilter, by eggsampler.

The Addon

CompanionFilter is an extremely simple add-on, but a time saver if you find yourself struggling to locate your favorite companion or mount on your spell book: as it name states, it adds a simple search field at the top of the companions and mounts tab. This allows you to quickly find any companion you need by its name.

This is so simple and useful that one might wonder why Blizzard has not implemented it on the first place… except they did. It appears that Blizzard has followed the trend, and included a search field for the spellbook on the upcoming expansion Mists of Pandaria. Bravo for both Blizzard and eggsampler!


We also had a chance to make an interview with the add-on's author, eggsampler:

Quote from
How did you come-up with the idea for this add-on? Sort of a "Columbus's egg", one might call it!
Interesting, I wonder what that egg would taste like ... *clears throat*
The idea was one born out of a need to show off quicker! Every time I got into one of those who-has-the-coolest-pet battles, I wondered why a simple, effective search tool for companions didn't exist. The addons which I have encountered before have always come with a load of extra features that I would never use or already have other addons for, so I decided to make my own.

How was the experience of working with the World of Warcraft UI?
As always the experience was one of mixed parts pleasure and thinking "hmm, I wonder if there is a function that already does something like this" and hoping that by the time you're done you don’t find out that someone else has done it better!

Did you come across any problems?
As a matter of fact I did. Initially I hooked some of the built in companion methods to search the companion list. This *seemed* to work well until I attempted to summon someone to Stormwind and realised that I'd tainted the spellbook to the point where I was unable to click any buttons in it! So it was back to square one and I worked out a way to filter the displayed buttons in a secure post hook.

Could you tell us about any other mods you currently have in progress or planned for the future?
Currently I'm exploring different ways to utilize the built in flyout button code, used now for mage portals, warlock/hunter pets and shaman totems. I would like to expand the abilities of this code to include mounts and pets, or even macros and profession functions! It would be fantastic to organize and simplify the things that are not frequently used on our spare bars.


Do not wait for Pandaria. Check it out at CompanionFilter page!


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