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  • Updated Dec 29, 2014
  • Created Dec 22, 2014
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  • Newest File: FLE-1B2

About FLE-1B2

o FLE é Um foguete Pequeno, leve e barato Feito Pará Levar o satélite AEK-P90 a orbitar a Terra.

This rocket is fully in Brazilian Portuguese , as it is still experimental, their next releases will have options in English and Portuguese

Versão 1.2:
*Novo sistema sistema de propulsão por sistema RCS.

*Novos foguetes com 215 Kn de potência.

*Mais gasolina, agora é possivel ter a chance de fazer a órbita.

satélite Aek P-90 agora com sistema de medição de temperatura e nova antena menor.


Version 1.2 :
* New system propulsion system for RCS system.

* New rockets with 215 power Kn.

* More gasoline , it is now possible to have a chance to make the orbit.

* satellite Aek P-90 now with temperature measurement system and new smaller antenna.


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