Xbox 360 Experience Package Unveiled by Microsoft

A new bundle has been unveiled by Microsoft, drastically slashing the initial entry barrier to the full Xbox 360 experience.  With this new package, you get a 4GB console with Kinect at only $99.  Sadly, the required 2 year Xbox Live Gold contract will run you $14.99 per month; more than you would pay if you purchased a yearly subscription to the service, which averages out to be around $5 per month.

Still, for those who have been thinking about making the dive to try out Microsoft's platform, this is an opportune time whichever way you choose to do it.  First and third person shooters are starting to integrate Kinect into their games and numerous indie games are often Xbox 360-only releases. 

If you go the bundle route, they are available at select retailers - find a store here:


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