WoW's Hallow's End Begins with Updated Epics, Pandaria Candy Buckets, and Rep Boosts!

World of Warcraft's iconic Hallow's End event is underway, with traditional events intoxicating players once more.  MMO-Champion has a guide to all that's new in one of their latest blog posts!  For Mists of Pandaria, we see brand new candy buckets for both Alliance and Horde and the achievements that go with them, plus updated epic loot (item level 470) and 10% reputation and experience boosts from the Wickerman.

Otherwise, players' favorite events are revisited in much the same way as years past, now rewarding a total of 19 achievements and 1 meta-achievement for a total of 220 points, three pets, and a multitude of vanity items and consumables:

Tricky Treat
Tricky Treats are the currency used to purchase candies and other special rewards. You can collect them by completing quests, and opening the pumpkins found inside inns throughout the world.

Seasonal Boss: Headless Horseman
Use the Dungeon Finder to participate in a high-level encounter against the Headless Horseman, granting aLoot-Filled Pumpkin (which contains special holiday loot) as a daily reward.

Shade of the Horseman
Adventurers who find themselves in Goldshire, Azure Watch, Kharanos, Brill, Razor Hill, or Silvermoon City may stumble upon the Headless Horseman as he flies over the town, inciting terror in the populace and setting their homes and buildings ablaze! Are you brave enough to help douse the flames and bring down the headless horror?

Light My Fire
To get into the spirit of the holiday, you can visit the Wickerman celebration just outside the city gates of Undercity and Stormwind to obtain quests. These daily quests range from lighting your faction’s Wickerman (and earning a nice buff for doing so) to travelling to the opposing faction's city and extinguishing their Wickerman!

Sweets for the Kids
Hallow's End is already the favorite holiday of many children in Azeroth, but, if you want to make the orphans' holiday even more special, you can help them amass a stockpile of candy.

Candy Buckets
Colorful orange candy buckets, a staple of Hallow’s End, can be found in capital cities throughout Azeroth and beyond. Reach in and grab a handful of candy -- which can contain Tricky Treats and more -- but beware! Sometimes you’ll get a trick as well as a treat.

Apple Bobbing
If candy isn't quite your thing, no problem: every inn has a tub filled with water and apples to bob for.

Merchants and Vendors
These professional hoarders will exchange Tricky Treats for candy, masks, wands, pets, a temporary mount and more!

Full details on the event can be found at the official blog!

For a full rundown on all the fresh, new content Mist of Pandaria brings to the table as well as everything to do with World of Warcraft in general be sure to drop by MMO-Champion and WoWDB, and don't forget our full database of over 5,000 WoW Add-Ons, designed to help you to make the game your very own



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