Mists of Pandaria Set to Release September 25th!

Blizzard has put out the announcement we've all been waiting for:  We now have a release date for their upcoming expansion Mists of Pandaria.   You read correctly - players can expect to enjoy all the benefits and new features of MoP starting September 25th!

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“Mists of Pandaria contains the biggest variety of new content we’ve ever created for a World of Warcraft expansion, with features that will appeal to new players, veterans, and everyone in between,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “We’ve received a lot of great feedback from players during our most extensive beta test yet, and we hope they enjoy exploring everything Pandaria has to offer when the expansion comes out in September.”

Mists of Pandaria offers a wide variety of content for new and returning World of Warcraft players. Features include:

  • New playable race (the pandaren) with its own starting zone and quests
  • New character class (the monk)
  • Expansive new continent for players to explore
  • Increased level cap of 90. 
  • Scenarios -- a flexible new kind of cooperative PvE trial
  • Challenge modes, which offer high-prestige rewards for mastering Mists of Pandaria’s 5-player dungeons
  • All-new pet battle system.

Digital Deluxe and full Collector's Editions are available for pre-order now if you want a little something extra with your copy.  The Digital Deluxe is available through Blizzard's site, but the Collector's Edition is currently only available through retailers.  Here's what you'll get with each version:

The Digital Deluxe version of Mists of Pandaria includes a full digital copy of the expansion along with the following exclusive in-game bonus items:

  • World of Warcraft In-Game Mount: Take to the skies of Azeroth astride the mystical Imperial Quilen flying mount.
  • World of Warcraft In-Game Pet: Journey across Pandaria with the Lucky Quilen Cub at your side.
  • StarCraft II Portraits: Bring the Horde and Alliance rivalry to the far reaches of the Koprulu sector with exclusive Infested Orc and Night Elf Templar portraits.
  • Diablo III Banner Sigil and Accent: Display your status as a hero of Pandaria with the iconic markings of World of Warcraft’s newest playable race, the Pandaren.

The Collector's Edition of Mists of Pandaria is available for pre-order via retailers and includes the full version of the game on DVD-ROM and contains the following exclusive bonus items, in addition to the in-game content from the Digital Deluxe version:

  • Behind-the-Scenes DVD and Blu-Ray: Learn about the creation of Pandaria with this two-disc set featuring over an hour of commentary, insider interviews, and developer roundtables.
  • Collector’s Edition Soundtrack CD: Experience 20 orchestral pieces from Mists of Pandaria.
  • The Art of Mists of Pandaria Book: Explore this 208-page hardcover tome featuring never-before-seen pieces from the expansion, from early concepts to final 3D renderings.
  • Chen Stormstout Mouse Pad: Equip your desk with this special-edition mouse pad featuring the legendary pandaren brewmaster.
So, which are you buying?  Will you be attending a release event in your area?  Let us know by heading to and leaving a comment!
For a full rundown on all the fresh, new content Mist of Pandaria brings to the table as well as everything to do with World of Warcraft in general be sure to drop by MMO-Champion and WoWDB, and don't forget our full database of over 5,000 WoW Add-Ons, designed to help you to make the game your very own!


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