Japanese Planes to Take Off in World of Warplanes

Wargaming has announced that certain models from the Japanese Imperial Air Service will soon join the ranks in the highly anticipated flight combat MMO World of Warplanes.

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"The inclusion of Japanese warbirds has given us the opportunity to explore a number of iconic aircraft as well as give players the chance to experience first-hand how they developed and evolved throughout World War II", said Anton Sitnikau, World of Warplanes Producer. "Since each aircraft is unique, it's really going to provide players with a wide variety of tactical freedom in how they play the game and combat other players."

These exciting new models have made the cut:

  • The legendary Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero, a plane that proved vital to Japanese forces in the Pacific Theater
  • The Nakajima Type 91
  • The twin-boom Mitsubishi J4M1 Senden interceptor fighter
  • The Kyushu J7W1, J7W2 and J7W3, three canard configuration prototypes that never saw combat.

In World of Warplanes, players will participate in a massively multiplayer flight combat action game set in the Golden Age of military aviation.  The armored warfare theme previously seen inWorld of Tanks is continued, but escalated to a new level with full-scale in-game virtual pilot careers spanning from 1930's biplanes to Korean War jet fighters. 

For more information on the game, which is currently in its closed beta, visit!


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