Blizzard Announces Cataclysm IPad Exclusive

Blizzard has announced that the upcoming expansion Cataclysm will be available exclusively on the IPad for the first 30 days of it's release! There are several features which will force the IPad into the hears of WoW players including:

  • Players will no longer have to play at high resolutions, and with the on-screen keyboard (shown above), players are able to see everything but at an incredible 1/7th the average size. Think the Lich King's tough? Not when he's the size of a grape!
  • No more pesky macros or hot keys to worry about, combat is simplified to /chatting and single attacks with close range weapons, which is done by single hard presses to the screen.
  • No more frustrating Addons. There's really no good source for updating addons or even finding good new ones - so with the help of IPads inability to run them, Blizzard has removed all Addons from the game!

In a recent interview with Steve Jobs, he had this to say about the IPad being the new exclusive home of the Cataclysm patch:

    "We're really excited about this exclusive release, and we think Bright Wizards everywhere are going to share in our joy as we sell lots of units to to a segment of gamers we know a lot about!"

When asked what was next for the ICompany Steve Jobs said they were working on something very exciting:

    "We know gamers are mobile and want a good, portable gaming solution, so we're developing IPants. The IPants technology is a digital, mobile, social, High-Def, Gigabyte to the desktop solution...With WiFi. This new digitized solution will act as a way to transport your IPad but also allow gamers to share real time data and information on the fly by simply rubbing their rear ends together until the devices can sync up. We know gamers are party-goers, they don't have any wierd quirks, germophobic fears, or issues with rubbing their bums all over the opposite sex. We expect this to be big!"



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