WoW Anniversary Interviews: Game Director Tom Chilton and Forum MVP Palehoof

We have two new anniversary interviews! The first of which is with World of Warcraft Game Director Tom Chilton, and the other is with forum MVP Palehoof, who has been part of the MVP program since it was announced in November 2005. Don't forget to check out the anniversary interview archive while you're at it.

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In this interview, World of Warcraft Game Director Tom Chilton talks about the hectic final months leading up to the game’s launch, crafting an MMORPG for a wide range of play styles, and the ongoing effort to improve the game through expansions and content updates.


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Continuing our player interviews for the World of Warcraft five-year anniversary page, we next speak candidly with Palehoof, a forum MVP who has been around since the program's inception in late 2004. Read what Palehoof has to say about his gameplay and community experiences and the World of Warcraft five-year phenomenon on our anniversary page.


While there, be sure to check out our interview with members from the role-play guild Shadowclan if you haven't already.


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