Intel Extreme Masters World Championship at CeBIT

The IEM World Championship kicks off today, March 2nd, in Hannover, Germany. All of IEM Season 4 we've been watching teams fight it out to make it here, to the World Championships. $50,000 will be awarded to the winning arena teams at this tournament!

Watch Here!

In addition to the main stream that you can watch here on AJ, ESLTV is going to have a secondary stream that will be available through their site:


Group A

  • Team Dignitas - Kalimist (Rogue) / Flyn (Mage) / Hydra (Priest)
  • x6tence - Souler (Paladin) / Siler (Hunter) / Falcon (Death Knight)
  • mousesports - Angelref (Death Knight) / Aria (Hunter) / Ootzzan (Paladin)
  • SK Gaming Korea - Scommando (Ret-Paladin) / Choiminso (Warrior) / Hwanggom (Druid)
  • SK Gaming USA - Realz (Rogue) / glickz (Warlock) / Kollektiv (Shaman)
  • H2k - Sanchez (Death Knight) / Instance (Warlock) / Selcuk (Paladin)

Group B

  • SK Gaming Sansibar - Noonia (Death Knight) / Moldran (Warrior) / Fraki (Paladin)
  • SK Gaming EU - Another (Death Knight) / Inflame (Warlock) / Enigmz (Druid)
  • Button Bashers - Hiren (Rogue) / Orangemarmalade (Mage) / Numberone (Priest)
  • iNNERFiRE - Desis (Rogue) / c00ld (Mage) / Xerio (Priest)
  • coL.Black - Twixz (Hunter) / Flexx (Shaman) / Toes (Paladin)
  • Evil Geniuses - Azael (Warlock) / Tenderloinqt (Shaman) / Woundman (Rogue)

The WoW coverage begins at 10:00 CET/4:00AM EST tomorrow morning. The WoW tournament will end on March 4th.



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