A Worgen Hunter Pet? You Bet!

For those of you that don't frequent World of Raids (why don't you?!), a few days ago I reported on the fact that it's currently possible to tame an NPC in Howling Fjord, which if timed properly, will allow you to have a worgen as your pet! The news first popped up on Mania's Arcania and spread like wildfire -- taking the Hunter community by storm as everyone who hadn't completed the quest scurried to tame their very own worgen.

The NPC in question is Garwal, a quest target for Alpha Worg, which is part of a series that both Alliance and Horde players can participate in. Unfortunately if you've already completed the quest, then you won't be able to tame Garwal, but if you haven't then you can enjoy having a worgen pet, at least for now. Check out Zarhym's comment below to understand why.

Quote from: Zarhym (Source)

As you put it Zennie, we are currently discussing this issue.

It is not intended that Garwal can be tamed while in worgen form and will be addressed via a hotfix in the near future. When we have determined how to handle situations where hunters have already tamed Garwal we will let you know.

If you haven't tamed Garwal yet, you may want to do it soon. It might be an exercise in futility in the long run, leaving you with a normal worg pet, but at least for a while you can enjoy having one of the more unique pets in the game!

What other exotic NPCs have you managed to tame on your Hunter? And what creature types do you wish Blizzard would allow to be tamed?


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