Patch Notes: Beta 2.0.2

World of Warcraft Client Beta Patch 2.0.2


  • Shadowmoon Valley is now open and available for play.
  • Tempest Keep: Arcatraz dungeon will now be open.
  • The Heroic Difficulty dungeon requirements have been temporarily (for the Beta only) lowered to Neutral to encourage Heroic Mode testing.


  • The talent, "Mangle" (bear) will now properly give the appropriate 25% additional damage to bleed effects.
  • The tooltips for the feral druid spells, "Pounce" (Rank 3) and "Pounce" (Rank 4)now reflect the proper information.


  • "Misdirection" should now work properly when a hunter uses "Distracting Shot".
  • The hunter ability, "Feign Death" should now properly reduce threat even when their pet is on the mob's threat list.


  • The talent,"Critical Mass" will now use the appropriate crit chance.
  • The spell, "Arcane Missiles" will now channel for the correct amount of time.


  • The spell, "Benediction" will now properly decrease the mana cost of "Seal of Blood".
  • The Retribution Tree talent, "Pursuit of Justice" will now properly affect the speed of flying mounts.


  • The spell, "Shadow Word Death" will no longer cause damage to the caster when it is resisted.


  • Rogues will no longer aggro targeted mobs that have not been attacked when their "Stealth" cooldown expires.
  • "Anesthetic Poison" is now properly available at level 68 at the rogue trainers.
  • Stunning an NPC will no longer cause the message "You must be behindyour target" when rogues properly try to use abilities behind a target.
  • The talent, "Dagger Specialization", will now use the appropriate crit chance.


  • Casting the shaman spell "Rockbiter Weapon" will no longer improperly raise weapon skill.


  • The spells, "Curse of Doom" (Rank 1) and "Curse of Doom" (Rank 2) will now properly share a cooldown.
  • The spell, "Curse of Doom" will now properly scale from level 60-70.
  • Fixed an issue where party and raid members were unable to take part in helping to complete the warlock spell, "Ritual of Souls".


  • NPCs will now properly despawn when their faction loses control ofthe base in Halaa.

* Arenas

  • Corrected an issue that was causing some players to be unable to create an arena team.
  • Corrected an issue where players were able to join more than one team in an arena bracket.
  • Item buffs (i.e. Soulstones) will no longer improperly persist on entering an arena match.

* Battlegrounds

  • Players will now properly be re-added to the raid group when dropped from the battleground.
  • Players will now be able to see map pings when done by players from other realms in the battlegrounds.
  • Items that cause an invulnerability proc will no longer cause players to drop flags in CTF matches.


  • Corrected some interaction issues with many NPCs.
  • Attacking neutral creatures in the Steamvault, Coilfang Resevoir, will no longer cause nearby naga to aggro.
  • The "Extra Sharp Daggermaw Tooth" will now drop for players attempting to do the quest, "Cutting Your Teeth" in Blade's Edge Mountains.
  • Channeling bars will now show for the correct amount of time.


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