Tips for Re-Rolling in the expansion

So you’ve heard about the Paladin/Shaman additions to each faction, or you want to have a character of the new race once The Burning Crusade comes out. Whatever be your reason, you are planning to re-roll a new character come expansion release. The question is, have you prepared yourself for ease of leveling already? Between gathering the droppable/sellable requisites for certain quests on beforehand, you should plan your route of leveling in a manner that gives you constant access to gear upgrades and easy quests along the way. To add to that, if you are feeling particularly motivated there is also the possibility of acquiring consumables and trade-skill reagents.

The first thing to realize, though, is that the most efficient way of leveling up a new character is knowing by heard where to go and where go get the requirements for each quest – and also what quests to skip (quests that are not worth the time invested for the exp reward obtained). I would have to assume that most people who have planned on re-rolling a new character have delved into most of the quests and are familiar with the leveling routes that make the most sense. Leveling is without doubt a bore unless you are, in this author’s eyes, particularly crazy. I do suggest that you get yourself heavily motivated for the task at hand, and also stock up on snacks, drinks or whatever else you will require for the many hours you are about to spend on leveling yet another character.

Now with that said - onto the good stuff!

The first thing that is suggested, is that you stock up on an assortment of consumables and trade skill materials which will make leveling up as well as avoiding death a lot easier. You may find an assortment of suggested potions/materials here: Levelling with Comsumables/Materials

Around Azeroth there is a multitude of quests that, in order to complete, require items that can be obtained on beforehand. If your intention is to be prepared for fast leveling, there is a list of quests and what items may be gathered prior here!

Should the new character of your choice happen to be of the Shaman class it is suggested that you prepare a list of weapons for use with leveling. A sample list for Shaman may be found here!

The same goes for the Paladin class, to which there is a suggestive list to be found here!

Before I conclude this article, I would like to give some credits to the multiple authors of this thread over at Elitist Jerks. I would like to point out that the information gathered on our wiki page is a result of many people’s efforts. I also welcome anyone who feels particularly sharing to improve on the wiki page / list at will. Certainly I am sure that there are many readers out there which appreciate the work we all put into sharing this kind of information.


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