Interview with Jeff Kaplan (Tigole)

>FiringSquad: The Burning Crusade seems to have some sci-fi elements added to World of Warcraft's fantasy mix. What does this aspect mean for gameplay? > >Jeff Kaplan: Some have misconstrued a science-fiction aspect with the draenei, but what people tend to miss is that there has always been an otherworldly leaning in the storyline from the very beginning. The Titans themselves traveled through the Twisting Nether and shaped worlds. The orcs come from the very same planet as the draenei and were brought in via an inter-dimensional portal. These are elements of the story that haven't changed. > >I don't think this does anything to change the current gameplay so much as continues to advance the storyline and expand upon the idea that Azeroth is just one world of many that has been affected by the Burning Legion. We now have the opportunity to explore one of those worlds with the addition of Outland. > >FiringSquad: After the expansion's release in January, what can you tell us about future updates to World of Warcraft in terms of new free downloadable content? > >Jeff Kaplan: We do intend to continue producing free content updates for World of Warcraft. Blizzard recognizes how important it is to keep the game fresh; there is a lot more that we would like to do and we have no shortage of ideas. A lot of those ideas will be realized in content updates, while others may find their way into new expansions in the future.

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