233 Horde Banned!

The server Akama recently was delt a devistating blow as 3 of the major guilds who took part in killing 'Jaina Proudmore' where almost all entirely banned.

Jaina Proudmore drops 50-90g and respawns in 2 minutes, thus it was considered an exploit to continue to kill her.

However her loot table and spawn rate has not been changed and will not be changed as Blizzard has stated 'Jaina Proudmore's loot table and spawn time is currect.'

7 other Alliance faction boss's have the same loot table and spawn time, killing them will also result in an 3 day ban.

Blizzard also waited two weeks to inforce this ban, waiting for the day after the release of the expansion to ban the majority of the horde on Akama.


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