Curse part of Xfire Debate Club

Last night, on Wednesday the 31st of January, representatives from Curse along with other large World of Warcraft websites took part in a standoff debate in coalition with the Xfire crew and software. The debate, lasting a bit over 1 hour, included many questions about the recently released expansion to World of Warcraft, The Burning Crusade.

Of the participants, were:

>Christopher / Nimloth from Curse >Teza from World of Raids >Mike Schramm from WoW Insider >"Infernal" Bill from Taverncast

The debate, using the Xfire chat client, was set up over multiple chat channels. One of which was for the official debate where only the Xfire staff and the debatants could talk, and one public chat where the xfire users could debate the answers and commentry which were given in the official debate room.

A transcript from the Official Debate can be found here and the transcipt from the Open Debate can be found here!

On a last note, I must say that this event took place very flawlessly and went by all too quickly. I was hoping it would have lasted longer and had more questions! Oh well, perhaps it will next time!


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