Blue Watch - February 9th, 2007

This is the first of hopefully a weekly installment of the activity over the recent days for Blizzard posters on the Blizzard forums - similar to Warcraft Weekly - which has not been published by Eyonix in the past few weeks. The primary goal of this is to help keep players on top of the driving issues and information being made available on the forums, without the need to dig through all of the posts yourself.

Table of Contents

General Forum Information

Is the gear matching for Battlegrounds coming soon?

In this thread, Drysc writes:

The matching system is currently on schedule for the next major content patch. As anything, that is of course subject to change, but we're doing what we can to ensure it's release.

Arena Reward Mount: Is it Legendary, or Epic?

In this thread, Drysc clears up some confusion on the Arena System Netherdrake reward by saying:

They're epic, not legendary, but the top 0.5% of teams for each bracket will receive the swift (armored) nether drake, as well as a special title, at the end of the season. Depending on how many teams are competing multiple teams in each bracket could receive the end-of-season rewards.

He then goes on to clear up some confusion on just how players will receive their rank to qualify for the mount:

The arenas will use cross-realm functionality to match teams, however ranking will only be based on each realm. You'll be playing against teams on other realms, but your ultimate ranking is against other teams on your realm. The ranked teams won't take into account faction. It's the top .5% of each bracket separately, meaning top .5% of the 5v5 bracket, top .5% of the 3v3 bracket, and top .5% of the 2v2 bracket.

A Netherdrake other than the Arena mount? Is this true?

In this thread, Drysc states:

Weird, I know I posted about this last Thursday. Well anyway, the armored Netherdrake will be available through the arenas as a reward, and a Netherdrake that has a distinctly different appearance from the armored Netherdrake will be available through a quest line which has not yet been implemented. It's likely that it will be implemented with the next major content patch. They're both epic flying mounts, just to clear up any confusion on their speed.

He then adds the following information, later in the thread:

I've been able to gather a little more information which should help set some of the information straight.

The swift (armored) nether drake which is a seasonal arena reward will be a 310% speed flying mount.

The (unarmored) nether drake will be obtained through a quest (which is planned to be implemented in a future patch) and will be a 280% speed flying mount. This nether drake is intended to supply players with a cool new epic mount and won't require any tasks within raid encounters. It's a reward that all players can work towards, but it will still be difficult to obtain.

There is another mount that is 310% speed that is yet undiscovered which is intended to be an equally rare and difficult to obtain equivalent to the arena reward. That's the only information we're able to give at this time.

How much freedom do we have on a flying mount?

In this thread, Drysc answers the question:

Think of it like swimming in the air, it's pretty much the same as far as freedom and limitation.

Will Warlocks be getting a flying mount?

In this thread, a player asked whether or not Warlocks will be getting a flying mount, and Drysc gladly answers:

Eh, because we didn't want to. The Warlock and Paladin have their ground mounts, which are definitely still just as viable in Outland as they were in Azeroth for ground travel. Really we wanted to implement a flight form for the Druids which we had intended for the original game but could just never get to work quite right, and this expansion happened to fit 'like a glove' so to speak. There's obviously a perception that is still carrying over somewhat that "these classes will always have mounts", which really isn't the case. When it falls into place, feels right, and we think it would be something cool for a class we may give them a class mount. I think Ric Ocasek probably said it best; "Shake it up".

You would probably look pretty cool on the Fiery Warhorse from Karazhan. It doesn't fly, but I think it drinks the blood of other horses. '

A Present from the Argent Dawn?


In this thread, Tseric warns players of a scam going around and what will be fixed very soon to help prevent this type of scam from taking place:

Coming soon in a patch near you, we will be disabling the ability to send wrapped packages by C.O.D., which should stem this particular trend we've been seeing lately.

Flagging for awareness. Notice the poor spelling and grammar. Take particular notice of the item attached. Anything that is wrapped and sent through the mail sends up red flags for me, I don't know about you folks.

Be sure to notify a GM should you receive such an item.

Why does level 60+ gear look like level 10+ gear?

In this thread, Drysc explains a bit of the reasoning behind the texture and graphic choices of many of the quest rewards and drops in The Burning Crusade while leveling to, and just as you reach level 70, by stating the following:

Well, leveling items are almost always go to look more or less "plain". We want the end-game items to really stand out, both in ability/power and the way they look. The items you had at 60 were the end-game items, they were the best of the best and their look really showed that visually just running around the city. As you're leveling again you may be finding better gear than what you had, but it's not the uber end-game gear, and so it sort of has a plain look to match. Once you reach the level cap again then you begin to progress through the sets, and really get a nice and cohesive look with some cool... I don't know, fireworks shooting from your kneecaps, or whatever, and everyone has a BBQ before going to sit on the grass and watch the grand finale exploding from your patella.

Will we see more itemization that focuses on one spell school, such as +Frost damage, or +Nature damage?

In this thread, Tseric touches on the question:

I'm sorry. I first read this and was thinking, "you want a back to school sale in WoW?!" or that you wanted to dress like a...nevermind.

Anyways, on to the point. You had rightly mentioned that making specific spell-type equipment limits its versatility or usage by more than one class.

We'd like to think we've made an approach at this specific itemization with socketing. Even for individual classes, say for mages, pure frost damage gear can be inhibiting, as respecing to fire dramatically changes the stats you are playing off of.

I'm not sure if there are specific spell-type gems in game, but looking into this aspect in general might be something along the lines of what you're looking for.

Profession Forum Information

Are Alchemy discoveries intended to be this rare?

In this thread, Drysc answers this very question with the following:

The discoveries aren't intended to be common, they're extremely rare in fact. It's really intended to be a bonus if you happen to get one, and not something every alchemist is guaranteed to see. They're so rare that if you're putting effort purely towards discovery you could be spending a lot of time and resources to simply be disappointed. If you do find one, it should be a happy discovery, and not a waste of time if you don't.

What I'm saying is don't expect to discover one, but if you do then congratulations.

Druid Forum Information

Druids are getting an epic flight form?

In this thread, Tseric announces that Druids will be getting an epic flight form quest:

We have upcoming development plans which we wanted to share now, as it could impact choices that Druids might make in the immediate future regarding flying mount riding skills or purchasing epic mounts.

The regular Strom Crow form remains trainable at level 68 and moves at 60%. Also as previous, the normal flying mount skill comes with the form.

An epic quest line will be going into an upcoming patch which will grant Druids an additional flying form with increased stats. The epic flying form will move at the epic rate of 280%, but basically fall under the same conditions as the previous flight form (i.e. can't run on the ground)

However, the first prerequisite of the quest will require the epic flying mount riding skill, so it would not be a loss to Druids if they wish to purchase their epic flying mount skill now or in the near future. Obviously, one could then diversify their epic mounts beyond the Druid's casted epic form if they choose.

Warrior Forum Information

Is the Defense cap really 490 at level 70?

In this thread, Tseric confirms that Defense does indeed cap at 490 at level 70 for its effectiveness in mitigating critical strikes:

Tyreck, you aren't off the mark in your research. At 490 defense, the math caps out. Defense won't mitigate beyond that.

Now, the math could be interpreted a few ways. A couple of those ways are:

  • Defense is worthless after a certain number.
  • I only have to gear that much into defense, which allows more choice from other stats.

You could agree with one or the other; both or neither.

Comments on recent events in the Warrior forum

In this thread, Tseric tries to tackle some comments made by a Druid player about recent posting events on the Warrior forum.

Can non-Protection Warriors effectively tank at 70?

In this thread, Tseric answers this question with a bit of insight on the various talent builds and their intent:

What the devs want to work towards is having a generally arms spec'ed warrior as something of a base-line tank. If you don't take that too literally, I will elaborate. :P

Figure Prot to be high tanking and Fury to be high DPS. Put varying Arms spec's in a middle-ground. That's a general way to look at things.

Is Warrior threat generation compared to that of a Druid being looked at?

In this thread, Tseric replies with some information to hopefully cull the concerns:

Threat generation is being watched as it compares between warriors and druids. I've said this has been of priority and interest to the devs before and it still is. Group and Raid environments play out differently and this can affect the look of things as far as competition goes. When changes to warriors come down the pipe, there's a good chance the devs will be tweaking threat generation before anything else.


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