Ass tattoo for epic flying mount

Ghosti from the Garithos realm started a fund to get his epic flying mount, and if he was able to get the 4000g needed he would get the name and slogan of the realm's personal website ( tattooed on his ass.

Quoted from the article:

"In case you STILL haven't heard the story...

I was about 4000g away from being able to purchase my epic flying mount and riding skill, so I came up with a bright idea to raise the money and save me farming the gold myself (which would've taken months with my play schedule).

I proposed to the members of (best website evar imo;) and the Garithos community at large, that if they donated a total of 4k gold, that I would get... Swallow or its going in your eye

tattooed on my arse.

Needless to say, the coolest bunch of mofos playing WoW, came up with the money, so I came up with the goods =D"

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