AddOn Showcase Weekly - March 12th Edition

In the Monday, March 12th edition of the Curse AddOn Showcase, we look at two popular AddOns - AtlasLoot Enhanced, and KLHThreatmeter - as well as an up-and-coming AddOn, Advanced Trade Skill Window. Remember, though, that these are only a few of the thousands of different AddOns here at Curse. Each week, we'll be looking at those AddOns that will help enhance your play experience; whether you enjoy Player versus Player combat, Raiding, Trade Skills, or playing the Auction House - Curse has something for you.

Popular AddOn: AtlasLoot Enhanced

AtlasLoot Enhanced is a UI AddOn for the popular Atlas AddOn. AtlasLoot Enhanced adds detailed loot information to the Atlas interface. You can browse instances and view what loot drops where, in an easily clickable window.

AtlasLoot Enhanced also offers enhanced tooltips through use of various tooltip AddOns, in conjunction with the Atlas interface. You can also view items in the Dressing Room directly, by shift-clicking on the item's link in the AtlasLoot Enhanced interface. AtlasLoot Enhanced also allows you to add in DKP values to items and browse them in its interface. If you're looking for an excellent plugin for the Atlas AddOn, then look no further, because this is the AddOn for you!

Popular AddOn: KLHThreatmeter

KLHThreatmeter works similarly to a damage meter AddOn. Its use is to gauge the threat generation of everyone in the raid(though only users of KLHThreatmeter are displayed), to better allow players to manage their threat levels comparatively with the tank. The AddOn uses many sources to display your threat: talents, item bonuses(including set bonuses), and buffs are all checked to determine your overall threat generation.

There is also a "Master Target" option, which allows you to "lock on" everyone's list to a specific creature; very useful for encounters where multiple targets are involved. KLHThreatmeter opperates under both Graphical and Command Line interfaces, so setting it up is a breeze, whether you're a novice or an expert. If you're looking for an AddOn to assist in making your raiding smoother - especially on encounters where tank switching, or aggro is a sensitive matter - then KLHThreatmeter is what you're looking for.

Up-and-coming AddOn: Advanced Trade Skill Window

Ever thought that the basic Trade Skill Window was lacking something? That the sorting was clunky? Then it's time to take a look at Advanced Trade Skill Window. This AddOn completely revamps the Trade Skill Window - increasing its size and adding many features. You can select several different types of sorting: by Type, Group, or Difficulty. Advanced Trade Skill Window even allows you to create custom groups - adding whatever recipes you like - allowing you to get rid of the recipes that aren't very useful to you.

There is also a filter function: simply type something into the filter text-box and Advanced Trade Skill Window automatically hides any recipes that do not contain the text you supplied for the filter.

Additionally, there are many features of Advanced Trade Skill Window that make using the Trade Skill Window a more comfortable experience. Production queues allow you to select multiple recipes to produce items; one click is all it takes to create any quantity of a number of recipes using this queue system. There are many other features in the Advanced Trade Skill Window, but rest assured if you're an avid tradeskiller, this AddOn is a must-have.


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