AddOn Showcase Weekly - March 20th Edition

In the Tuesday, March 20th edition of the Curse AddOn Showcase, we look at two popular AddOns - Natur EnemyCastBar, and Auctioneer - as well as an extremely useful class-specific AddOn, FloTotemBar. Remember, though, that these are only a few of the thousands of different AddOns here at Curse. Each week, we'll be looking at those AddOns that will help enhance your play experience; whether you enjoy Player versus Player combat, Raiding, Trade Skills, or playing the Auction House - Curse has something for you.

Popular AddOn: Natur EnemyCastBar

Natur EnemyCastBar is an AddOn that displays a casting bar for your target, so that you can see the spell they're casting, and the time left on the cast. There are some added features, however, such as tracking of short duration buffs on your target; Renew, Rejuvination, Blessing of Freedom, etc. There's also an option to show cooldowns of abilities used by your target, which will create a new bar when your target(NPC or Player) uses an ability, that displays the time left until they can use that ability again.

On top of all that, you can also select whether you want these options to display even without a target, as well as the ability to display diminishing returns on your crowd control effects per-player.

Natur EnemyCastBar is an extremely powerful AddOn, and is highly recommended for all players, whether using it for PvP or PvE.

Popular AddOn: Auctioneer

Auctioneer is an Auction House AddOn that creates a database, based on data collected by you, to help you track auction prices on your server's Auction House. It has many features which allow you to place multiple auctions at once, and allows you to track your listing prices per-item/per-quantity.

There are also features which allow you to track the prices of recent auctions of items you're looking for, to help you find the best prices available. On top of all of that, there's also an in-game database that will add vendor buy/sell value, stack size, and what professions use those items to the tooltip of the item.

If you're looking for an Auction House AddOn to help you get the most out of your auctioning experience, Auctioneer is highly recommended.

Hunter and Shaman AddOn: FloTotemBar

FloTotemBar is a hotbar AddOn that creates new bars, specifically designed for your totem spells(for Shaman) or your trap spells(for Hunters). Each time you learn a new totem or trap spell, it's automatically added to its bar. For Shaman, there is a bar for each element type: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. For Hunters, it's a single bar with every trap available.

Clicking on a spell on the bar will lay down the desired totem or trap, and it also tracks the life of that totem or trap by mousing over the spell - showing how much time is left - in a tooltip. There are options to bind keys to the bars as well, and the bars are fully moveable with a lock/unlock slash command. Additionally, you can drag the totem/trap spells around, setting up a custom order on each bar so you can place the least-used totems for your needs together while keeping the totems you use most in a group as well.

If you're a Shaman or Hunter(or if you have one of both!) and you've been looking for a way to more easily track your totems/traps; or if you just want something that categorizes them automatically, then this is an AddOn worth checking out.


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