Blue Watch - March 26th, 2007

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Table of Contents

General Forum Information

This Week In Hot Fixes, March 19 - 25 Go to thread

In this thread, Tseric lists all of the hotfixes for the previous week.

Keylogger Warning- 03/23/07 Go to thread

In this thread, Nethaera warns of a keylogger showing up in forum links.

Recommended Realms! Go to thread

In this thread, Drysc posts a list of the current recommended realms for new players, or those looking to create new characters.

Ganking at Tempest Keep Go to thread

In this thread, Tseric shares some information about an upcoming change to what occurs when you die during flight.

> Hate to say it, but there's a lot of trolling on both sides. Yeah, I realize PvP tends to cause more of the heated arguments, but jeez... > > Ok, here's the deal. We plan on implementing a method by which dying on Arcatraz will rez you automatically at the nearest graveyard, much the same as if you died in the instance. While we like these places to be remote and dangerous, we do not want to make such a huge impediment which effectively becomes insurmountable. That way, players could still conceivably guard an instance's entrance on a PvP server, yet the opposition could rally a counter-attack in a reasonable amount of time and at reasonable cost. > > So...anybody need a massage or some fresh air or a calming cup of tea?

Engineering Preview? Go to thread

In this thread, Nethaera comments that the upcoming changes to the Engineering profession will be talked about soon; a preview is being worked on.

> We're working on getting one together for everyone. We want to remind everyone that what you see will only be the start of things and there will be more added in over a period of time. Everything new isn't going to be added in just one patch.

In response to the "when?" question:

> It's not likely to be today. We have some information, but we are trying to get a bit more to share. We'd like to get out as much solid information as we can versus tossing out "possibilities" for people to invest in.

Later in the thread she adds more:

> We are working on professions because we feel they need it. Someone asked the devs in an interview if they are happy with how things are. The answer is that if you get content with something, that means that it can't get any better. If something can't get any better, what's the point of continuing to work on it? WoW can always get better. That's never in question. Any artist or author will tell you that they can always do better and being content with something means that you've stopped feeling as if you can do better. That's never a place anyone wants to be in this industry. > > Many people use the term "broken" when referring to things in game whether it's classes, professions or quests. There isn't any such thing really as broken in an MMORPG. All things can be changed, improved upon, polished up and made better. To say "broken" implies nothing works at all. Occassionaly there may be something not working as intended (WAI), but those are things that get pushed to the top if they are deemed game-breaking.

Easy way to search for Gems at the AH? Go to thread

In this thread, Nethaera lets players know that a filter for the Auction House is coming for gems.

> There is no "easy" way as of yet, but we do plan to add a filter at some point for them.

Why can't we watch Arena battles??? Go to thread

In this thread, Tseric comments on a spectator feature for Arenas.

> This is something we have considered and agree that it would be a cool feature. All that seperates us from doing that is a large technical undertaking. It is on the table, but there are other large-scale things we are attending to at the moment.

No world chests in outlands? Go to thread

In this thread, Tseric replies with information on a change in design direction to rewarding rarer items in outdoor areas.

> Rare-spawn mobs have effectively taken the place of outdoor chests.

Later in the thread he adds more.

>> Really, to say rare spawns have replaced chests requires a grand stretch of the imagination. > > I might disagree. A mob could be equated to a chest of loot that simply walks around and hits back. Seems a little more interesting than an inanimate box full of stuff sitting in the middle of a canyon or what have you. > > When I say they effectively replace chests, it is to mean that the devs decided against populating Outland with chests for a few reasons and rare spawns were seen as simply more fun and rewarding. It is considered a better mechanic comparitively. "Kill mob, get reward" as opposed to "Get reward".

Flying Mount Speeds Go to thread

In this thread, Nethaera comments about the speeds of flying mounts while in the air, and requests to make the normal flying mount faster.

> People have brought this up before, but remember, flying mounts can save you time by being able to skip things you'd have to maneuver through on your land mount. I've also found it useful for saving time by letting me fly to a spot closer to an objective for a quest. What it lacks in speed it makes up for in convenience.

Later in the thread she adds:

> Except as someone in this very thread said, it isn't meant to completely replace your ground mount either. If you feel your epic ground mount is faster, then it's probably the mount you want to use to get where you are going. If you need to get somewhere the ground mount can't take you, then hop on your flying mount and go. > > I'm not saying that people's feeling that the mount is a tad bit slow is wrong or something that hasn't been passed along to the rest of the Development Team. We're aware of people's feelings on this. We just want to make sure it's understood that flying mounts afford other things outside of speed such as convenience and accessibility to new areas.

The community wants to know about emotes Go to thread

In this thread, Nethaera responds about recent emote suggestions and whether they will be going in or not.

> The word, and list, has been passed on and perhaps we shall see which emotes make the cut. ;) Patience everyone for just awhile longer.

Will you guys ever do a good 1st person view? Go to thread

In this thread, Drysc responds to a question about the first-person view currently in the game.

> It was a decision made early on not to include a first person view and to design the game around using a third person view only. We of course allow you to zoom all the way in, and you're welcome to play that way; however, it's really mostly only intended to capture screenshots. > > We're not currently planning to implement a fully 'functional' first person view like other games may have, aside from the large undertaking it would be to implement correctly, it just isn't part of the original design of the game. We prefer the game to be played from a third person perspective and the environments and encounters are designed around that preference.

Armory showing how much gold you have, etc Go to thread

In this thread, Nethaera responds to concerns some players have about the Armory.

> There will be additional information that will be available on the armory at some point but I don't have a list of specifics for you right now. What I can tell you, however, is that there may be options to opt in on some of that information being made available.

Later in the thread she adds:

> The Armory will not be showing how much gold people have.

Meta Socket Question Go to thread

In this thread, Tseric answers some questions about the Meta Socket found on some head slot items in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade.

> The metagem bonus takes all of your equipped gems into account when filling the requirement. > > If the meta-gem requires two yellow and one red gem, those three gems must be socketed somewhere on your gear. > > Yes, cheap, vendor-bought gems will work for the bonus.

Archived Hotfixes? Go to thread

In this thread, Tseric supplies a link to the Blizzard Archive.

> Check the Blizzard Archive forum, in the drop down navigation menu. I stick them all there. > >

I am curious as to the blues... Go to thread

In this thread, Nethaera responds to a question of whether the Blizzard CM's play WoW or not.

> I'll bite. We all play and have characters that we have leveled up the same as anyone else. We aren't afforded any special abilities. I've been playing since the early closed beta of World of Warcraft. We all have various degrees of experience on both the Horde and Alliance side and have played multiple classes. We also all have various degrees of experience raiding and in PvP. We are no different than any other players in that. > > We have all definitely been beyond Scarlet Monastery and Maraudon. ;)

Before we bring in Tier 6. .. Go to thread

In this thread, Nethaera responds to a request to fix Tier 4 and 5 set bonuses before implementing Tier 6 armor.

> You assume that development is compartmentalized to the point that excludes multiple projects and duties. There are many irons in the fire and work is being done on many levels from adjusting item stats to fixing bugs to future development plans. Worry not my friend.

Having a problem. would love some help Go to thread

In this thread, Tseric gives some advice on setting up game folders if they don't appear on a new install.

> If there isn't a folder already, log into the game on any character and the folders will be created automatically. This should apply to the WDB and WTF folders, as well.

Later in the thread, he tells what the WTF file extension means.

>> while we are at it, what does WTF stand before...besides the obvious one. > > Warcraft Text File. > > Yeah, common joke around the office.

PvP Forum Information

When does the Arena Season End? Go to thread

In this thread, Eyonix shares the end-date to qualify for the upcoming Arena tournament.

> The last day of this ladder phase is April 15, 2007.

Later in the thread he adds:

> To be more specific, this date (April 15) pertains to the end-date for the qualifiers for the tournament that we're hosting. Players will still have opportunity to earn their in-game end of ladder season rewards until a date that we've yet to announce.

Raids & Dungeons Forum Information

Gruul Hotfix 3/22/07 Go to thread

In this thread, Tigole details a hotfix to the Gruul the Dragonkiller encounter.

> We just fixed a bug that was causing Gruul to not perform his Hurtful Strike ability. Gruul should once again be using this ability.

Magtheridon Hotfix Go to thread

In this thread, Eyonix details a hotfix to the Magtheridon encounter.

> The Magtheridon encounter has been rebalanced to be somewhat easier and should now better keep to proper raid progression.

2.1.0 Cleave Changes

In this thread, Tigole shares some information about upcoming changes to the Cleave ability used by monsters.

> The following changes to cleave have been made for the 2.1.0 patch. > > --Cleaves will only hit people in front of the creature. > --Cleaves will have a chain length equal to the combat reach of the creature. > > We still don't have an exact estimate on when this patch will be ready but development is wrapping up and the test phase should begin relatively soon. As a reminder, the patch undergoes internal testing before public, PTR testing.

Gruul hotfixed? Go to thread

In this thread, Eyonix details hotfixes to the Gruul the Dragonkiller encounter.

> Gruul's health has been lowered, and the damage from his shatter ability has been reduced.

EU Mage Forum Information

For God sake Blizz:( Go to thread

In this thread, Ommra lets the poster know that a request to add in a Spellfire Robe pattern has been forwarded to the developers.

> Chill, we have already forwarded this concern :)

EU Shaman Forum Information

This bug NEEDS TO BE NOTICED - Cure Poison Go to thread

In this thread, Ommra explains a bug that was causing poisons to be harder to dispel at higher levels.

> Sorry for late update. There was a bug where items of very low level would have poisons cast from them dispelled nearly every attempt, while items of very high level had poisons cast from it nearly impossible to dispel. > > So, there was a problem with poison being applied from higher level weapons. This seems to have been fixed in 2.0.10 however – can you please try for a few days and get back to me if you still experience this? Please take the rogue talents Vile Poison and Master Poisoner in account.


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