AddOn Showcase Weekly - March 27th edition

In the Tuesday, March 27th edition of the Curse AddOn Showcase, we look at three popular AddOns - Bartender3, CT_MailMod from the fine folks over at CTMod, and SimpleCombatLog. Remember, though, that these are only a few of the thousands of different AddOns here at Curse. Each week, we'll be looking at those AddOns that will help enhance your play experience; whether you enjoy Player versus Player combat, Raiding, Trade Skills, or playing the Auction House - Curse has something for you.

Popular AddOn: Bartender3

> Bartender3 is an Ace2 AddOn to provide more flexibility and functionality to the Action Buttons. It is NOT based on Bartender2, but a total rewrite. Although the functionality is basically the same, Bartender3 was explicitly designed for WoW 2.0

Bartender3 has many features, supporting nearly everything from its predecessor, Bartender2, as well as some newly added features for this version.

One of the features is full style control, giving you the ability to fully control the alpha levels, scale, and padding of your action bars. You can also split the bars up into individual rows, allowing further customization on the look of your bars, as well as being able to set the number of buttons on each bar.

Additionally, you can set every action bar up to dynamically swap to a new page based on the stance or form you're in(even Stealth), as well as being able to swap to new pages by pressing a pre-determined modifier key such as shift, ctrl, or alt.

There's also integrated cooldown count, showing you the time left on your action bar buttons for each ability, and a range indicator, which shades your buttons red when your target isn't in range.

Popular AddOn: CT_MailMod

CT_MailMod, made by the creators of CTMod, is a fully featured Mailbox AddOn.

There is a Mass Mailing option, which allows you to send up to 21 items or stacks of items to the same person with one click. If you don't input a subject, CT_MailMod will automatically create a subject for each item with the item name and its quantity being mailed. The total cost for all mails being sent is calculated in the upper right of the window, and a confirmation box is displayed when you click the send button to make sure you know how much you're spending on the mail.

Another nice feature of CT_MailMod is the Alt+Click functionality, allowing you to automatically add items to normal and mass mail by alt-clicking them. This feature also works on trade windows, so no need to click and drag items to the trade window ever again!

CT_MailMod also adds the ability to auto-fill guildmate's names, where the normal mailbox window only allows names of those on your friend's list.

There is also a forward button, to forward mail to other players, and checkboxes to the left, so you can select which mails you'd like to open. Once checked, you can hit the Open Selected button at the top of the screen to open multiple mails with one click. Lastly, there is an Open All button that will open all mail in your mailbox; this feature is smart and will skip over mail that only contains messages or mail that contains unique items.

Popular AddOn: SimpleCombatLog

SimpleCombatLog, an Ace2 mod, is a chat window mod that replaces the default combat logs with shorter, colored text.

There are many customizable options in SimpleCombatLog, allowing you to set filters based on event, message type, and unitid. You can also set the colors of each spell element, unitid, etc.

Another feature is the ability to customize the display formatting of the combat logs on your screen, as well as adding a watch list - allowing you to watch for specific names and skills in the combat logs. The Watch List sets these at a higher priority than the Filters, so even if something is filtered, it will still show up if the Watch List is set to look for it.


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