AddOn Showcase Weekly - April 3rd edition

In the Tuesday, April 3rd edition of the Curse AddOn Showcase, we look at three popular AddOns - Deadly Boss Mods, , and Bagnon. Remember, though, that these are only a few of the thousands of different AddOns here at Curse. Each week, we'll be looking at those AddOns that will help enhance your play experience; whether you enjoy Player versus Player combat, Raiding, Trade Skills, or playing the Auction House - Curse has something for you.

Popular AddOn: Deadly Boss Mods

Deadly Boss Mods, formerly known as La Vendetta Boss Mods, is exactly what the name implies.

It's a fully featured set of boss mods, for most every raid encounter in the game, with more being added as encounters are discovered. Some mods can very advanced features - one given is the Loatheb mod - which has a healer monitor as part of the package.

Deadly Boss Mods is 100% stand-alone, requiring no additional libraries or dependencies, as well as having very accurate timers due to the AddOn's synchronization system.

All boss mods and the GUI are Load on Demand - so there's no memory usage when the AddOns aren't open.

Additionally, Deadly Boss Mods has special effects that can occur on-screen to draw your attention during critical events, four bar designs to choose from, and options to create custom timers, and increase the range of your combat log.

These are just a handful of the many features this AddOn offers to raiders, so if you're looking for helpful boss mods to tackle some of the most challenging content in the game, head over to the Deadly Boss Mods page and check it out.

Popular AddOn:

EquipCompare gives you the ability to compare an item you're viewing with what you have equiped. It places your equipped item(s) in a tooltip to the left of the item you're browsing for, allowing you to see the stats of all related items in question.

This feature works for the Auction House, vendors, bags, the loot window, and the reward page of quests. There is also a comparison tooltip created when clicking on item links in chat.

If you're looking for a way to compare items at a glance, without having to open your character inventory, then is something you should definitely check out.

Popular AddOn: Bagnon

Bagnon is a group of addons that improve the way you manage your inventory.

  • Bagnon: Displays your inventory and bank(including its bags) in single frames, rather than a unique frame for each bag.
  • Bagnon_Forever: An optional AddOn that allows you to view the inventory and bank of your other characters.
  • Bagnon_Options: A load on demand options window, allowing you to change many of the options in the Bagnon AddOns.

Bagnon has many features, giving you a single, customizable inventory window, as well as one for your bank, with color-coded item slots and borders, based on the quality of the item.

Ammo and Soul Bag item slots have their own special color - yellow - with Profession bags being green, and Key Ring slots colored orange.

If you're tired of having to dig through all of your bags, and want an all-in-one display for your inventory, Bagnon is an excellent choice.


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