Curse is now an official Blizzard/WoW fansite resource

It has been an interesting past 4 months here at Curse. One of the many projects we have been working on is cleaning up various aspects of our site to fit into Blizzard's official fansite program. Over the past few months a lot has happened in the WoW community. Between the outbreak of keyloggers around new year, and various other happenings, Curse like the other addon/interface sites went through a flood of rumours and malicious acts which affected not only our reputation, but also your trust in our security.

Blizzard, on the other end, had some of the same concerns and some of what we discussed with them and reviewed internally was:

  • Posting unreleased content
  • Gold selling ads / for-pay leveling guides
  • Malicious third-party UI mods / .exe files

The result of this review has been an overhauled upload process, using the most up-to-date, automatically updated virus scanners online, to ensure that our users can lay trust in our services. With a 24-hour staff reviewing reports, automatic screening of malicious files and a community providing us valuable feedback, we have finally reached the point where we meet Blizzard's standards and requirements.

Our stance against gold selling companies and the secondary market remains firm: we do not support or tolerate it's promotion. If you by any off chance do find a gold selling ad on our site, please report them on our feedback system so we may add their sites to the list of disallowed google ads.

As for unreleased content: what this indicates is any sort of image or data that is not obtainable through "normal" means of the game client itself. This is not acceptable on Curse.

It is with this that we are proud to continue to be one of the largest World of Warcraft websites in the world, providing our community with the latest news, addons and resources available. Meeting Blizzard's standards for security certainly has been a goal in itself here at Curse, and we hope to continue to serve you the best and the latest!

Lastly, I would like to thank each and every one of our volunteers and staff that continue to work selflessly with updating information resources and verifying the integrity of our uploaded files. You are doing the entire WoW community a huge favor!


The Curse Staff.


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