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Aeus, a Community Manager for the World of Warcraft EU Forums, provided a bit of information and clarification for the Arena system, and its rewards.

<font color="blue">With the recent addition of Arenas, we thought we’d share some information to try and answer some player questions as well as address concerns:</font>

  • <font color="blue">There should be no downtime between Arena Season 1 and Arena Season 2. Arena Season 2 is planned to start the week right after Arena Season 1 ends.</font>
  • <font color="blue">There are plans to update all Arena items with each new Arena season. The items for Arena Season 2 are already done and ready to go.</font>
  • <font color="blue">Players will be able to save up to 5.000 Arena points at any one time, and currently we do not plan to reset these points with the start of a new Arena Season.</font>
  • <font color="blue">The top 0.5% of the teams of each bracket will receive the Netherdrake epic flying mount, as well as the top Arena title. This means that the top 0.5% of the teams in the 2v2 bracket, the top 0.5% of the teams in the 3v3 bracket, and the top 0.5% of the teams in the 5v5 bracket will all receive the Netherdrake and the title.</font>
    • <font color="blue">Every player on these top teams who has played at least 20% of the total games of the team for the Arena Season will receive these rewards.</font>
  • <font color="blue">There will be 4 titles total for players to earn. The highest ranked title is for the top 0.5% of the teams. The specific % needed for the remaining 3 ranks will be revealed as they become finalised.</font>
  • <font color="blue">This in-game Arena Season is completely separate from the Arena Tournament. Tournament qualifiers will not receive a Netherdrake mount by default.</font>


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