Win a Trip to the Blizzard Offices

Tired of sending tells and using general chat all day? Is one-on-one dueling out in front of Orgrimmar or Ironforge leaving you unfulfilled? Want definitive proof that your guild is tops in World of Warcraft? Maybe you just want your guild to win a trip to visit the offices of Blizzard?

Stop your farming for 5 minutes, we have your answer.

The WSVG Guild Challenge pits World of Warcraft guilds against each other in a mixed battle of IRL and in-game competitions. Hop in ventrilo, rally your guildmates, print guild t-shirts! Register today for Louisville or Dallas at!

  • Gurubashi Arena FFA - Put your best champion in the arena for a royal rumble of epic proportions. Last person standing takes the point!
  • 5v5 Arena - Get your guild involved and start busting heads to prove who has the top 5v5 team.
  • Joust - Pick your weapon and stand atop an inflatable joust pit, just like they did back in Azeroth.
  • Sumo Wrestling - Strap on an inflatable Sumo suit and flex your muscles in a real life Ring.
  • Guild v Guild Tug O War - The ultimate test of a guild's morale. Hold on for dear life and hope your anchor holds.

Bring your guild to the WSVG Louisville and WSVG Dallas stops, compete in the World of Warcraft tournament during the day for $30,000, raid together in the BYOC with reserved guild seating, then battle it out each night to come out on top of the WSVG Guild Challenge. You'll earn points for each competition, and the team of 5 with the most points at the end of each event will be flown to Los Angeles this October for the WSVG Los Angeles event at E for All. To cap it all, your group will visit Blizzard's office for a private tour and lunch with a few members of the development team.


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