Chase the Friday Blues away!

It might be Friday, but keep your chin up because that means the weekend is only one day away! There have been some interesting topics and responses by Blizzard posters on the official forums over the past day, and I've got a quick recap for everyone; you can click on the links to go directly to their threads on the WoW forums.

Select Items Soulbound Next Patch

Eyonix provides an update on some items becoming soulbound next patch.

Eyonix wrote:

In the next major content patch the following items will be flagged as Bind on Pick-up (BoP). They are currently not bound at all. If you possess one of these items, be sure it's on the character of your preference.

· Felbane Slugs

· Recipe: Elixir of Major Agility

· Formula: Enchant Bracer - Superior Healing

· Hellfire Shot

40 man raids

Bornakk - the latest addition to the CM team - talks about the change from 40 to 25 person raids.

Bornakk wrote:

The 25-person raid model has allowed us to create exciting encounters where the individual contribution of each raid member is much greater. Though the number of players participating is smaller, there are still enough people to create the atmosphere of a huge and epic battle. In short, we're very happy with our current raid model, and have no plans at this time to reintroduce 40-person raid dungeons.

Patch 2.2 on 8/21?

Nethaera shoots down the possibility of Patch 2.2 releasing on August 21st... or does she?!

Nethaera wrote:

No date to give out for you yet.

Nethaera wrote:

Generally speaking, we rarely give specific dates unless it's a done deal and there is no chance of something getting pushed back. People tend to make plans around the dates we give so when we give them, we want to make sure they are as solid as possible.

What happened to guild banks?

Bornakk gives a brief but concise answer on what happened to guild banks.

Bornakk wrote:

Guild banks are still being worked on and are currently scheduled for release in a future patch.


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