Wrath of the Lich King to implement Gyrocopters on PvP

The latest rumor in World of Warcraft's expansion Wrath of the Lich King are Gyrocopters on PvP. The traditionalist in me believes this will never happen, but it would have been cool indeed to have bombers overhead taking out the opposition in the arena.

<center>flying machineflying machine2</center>

The Gnomes seem really stoked about the introduction of these bombers in the game, as seen in the WoW Forums. Further stoking these rumors is Blizzard Moderator/Community Manager Nethaera response, who neither denied nor confirmed the addition of Gyrocopters in the game. Here's her answer to all the requests submitted by the Gnomes:

We shall see my little pocket gnome. We shall see. ;) I think you'll still all manage to blow yourselves up or get hangnail or something.

So there is a chance that the Gnomes will be taking to the skies in the game. If this were to be implemented, it's only fair that the Horde get their own method of attacking from the skies as well. It's either going to be Batriders or Wyverns, what would you pick?


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