Upcoming leveling rate & Dustwallow Marsh changes!

Nethaera posted this morning about some upcoming changes to help speed up the leveling process for lower levels. Not only are they making leveling faster in general for lower levels, but they're also revamping Dustwallow Marsh to add some extra leveling content to the zone.

Nethaera wrote:

We have a few things in the works that are going to help out a bit. One of those things is that we are going to adjust the rate at which players can level. Another is that we are working on some changes for Dustwallow Marsh which should give players in that zone more to do and make leveling go quicker as well.

We'll reveal more of our plans as we get a bit closer toward actually implementing them. I just don't have a specific time table that I can give you as of yet.

She also posted in response to a comment about the Dustwallow Marsh changes.

Nethaera wrote:

Oh, I assure you, there is more than just a singular quest being added. Detailed quests, I couldn't give you.

Perhaps I know more. Perhaps I don't. What I know that I haven't said, I can't say. What I don't know, I can't tell you. Now you need to figure out which parts I know and which I don't as of yet. ;)


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