51-point talents, WotLK in November, no patch tomorrow

Busy day on the official World of Warcraft forums. We've got your recap of worthwhile blue posts, as well as some other Blizzard-related stuff!

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Nethaera talks about the patch and confirms that it's not tomorrow.

Nethaera wrote:

It's in testing and when we feel it's ready, it will be released. We rarely ever give dates on patch releases and this is one of those occasions where we don't plan on giving a specific release date.

Nethaera wrote:

This isn't about keeping anyone in the dark so much as not wanting to give out dates that could be missed for patches. Generally this creates expectations from people that may not be met on that particular date. We like to be as sure as possible when it comes to giving dates. We have made exceptions to giving dates in the past due to information that was needed prior to release such as the end of an Arena Season if you recall. Even then we warned everyone that it was possible we would miss that date. Things do happen and thus delays can happen as well.

Nethaera wrote:

It's not tomorrow.

Bornakk on 51-point talents.

Bornakk wrote:

We understand that the new talents are highly anticipated by our players so we don’t want to rush them. Keep in mind that these talents aren’t designed to automatically win fights but to add additional depth to their respective talent trees and to the game play. When we are closer to launching the expansion and the new talents are becoming finalized, we look forward to sharing information on them with everybody.

Drysc explains the "Healers receiving spell damage for +healing" from BlizzCon.

Drysc wrote:

The plan is for a percentage of the +heal stat on items with pure +heal to be added as +spell damage, for no extra cost. Further details and exceptions will be discussed at a later time.

Bornakk on the possibility of pets running alongside your mount in the future.

Bornakk wrote:

Having the pet disappear when mounted resolved a number of issues people were experiencing and we are happy with how it has been working. No one likes an exhausted pet, so this way the pet shows up by your side and is ready to growl, bite, cleave, or torment (among other things) right after you dismount.

There is always a possibility of changing this again, but we currently have no plans to do so.

Nethaera comments on the rumor of WotLK shipping in November.

Nethaera wrote:

We haven't announced a release date as of yet. When we do, you'll see it up on the official web site here. Retailers have to put some sort of a release date in order to list a game for sale and accept pre-sales for those games. When they do put down a date, it's generally an educated guess.

What is that BlizzCon beta key for? Nethaera tells us... sort of.

Nethaera wrote:

Undetermined as of yet.

Nethaera wrote:

Please don't forget that the BlizzCon beta keys represent a very small portion of our beta community when it's time for a beta. We take players from various sources when it's time for beta so that as many people as we feel necessary are given the opportunity to help us test.

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