2.3, Death Knights, Heroic requirements and more

The Blizzard forums have a lot of useful info from today and last night, so we compiled all of it to make it easier to find the important things said on the forums. You can check out the entire recap below.

US Forums

Bornakk on reputation requirement for Heroics

Bornakk wrote:

We have no current plans to remove the revered reputation status as the requirement to get the heroic dungeon keys.

While some realms may have a harder time finding groups than others, there are still people running them that you can group with and I'm pretty sure they really want to get the reputation too. Keep looking for people to team up with and you'll get there.

Drysc on the closed off instance in Stormwind

Drysc wrote:

It's not necessarily "not" going to happen, we just have no announced plans to implement player housing. It's still there because, eh, who knows. Also, it brought you to the forums, and we've been hoping to say hello to you since you started playing.

Drysc on Hunter pet leveling rate improvements

Drysc wrote:

We have plans to adjust how quickly a hunter's pet will level if there's a large gap between it and the hunter's level. However, it's still just a plan and not something we've implemented and thus are not ready to discuss it.

Drysc on changing the Mote/Primal system

Drysc wrote:

Overall though we're happy with the mote/primal system, it works pretty well, and aside from the issues I stated of their rarity being unbalanced in some cases, we plan to continue with it.

Drysc on patch 2.3 info

Drysc wrote:

We're currently focusing on the information and release of patch 2.2. All changes coming after 2.2 will be discussed after the patch has been released. There is no shortage of changes in the following patch, and we'll begin discussing them as soon as we can.

Bornakk talks a bit about Death Knights

-Everyone will roll death knight alts because they startat lvl 60, so they have less work to do.

Bornakk wrote:

We do hope a lot of people try out the class, it should be a lot of fun. But we also know that people have their preferred style of play so we don't expect everybody to drop their current character(s) and play the Death Knight exclusively.

-It forces you to master a class in high-level areas where you need to know your class to suceed, and most new Death knights won't know how to play their class at all.

Bornakk wrote:

Just leveling up to reach Northrend will take time and should provide players some great experience in learning the new class.

-You will get less hours out of your death knight alt.

Bornakk wrote:

I'm a little confused here, but are you saying that it's a problem that you can't spend more hours at lower levels?

-Other classes will fall out of favor for alts, because they start at lvl 1, wheras Death Knights start at 60.

Bornakk wrote:

I'm not sure that other classes falling out of favor as alts is really a big deal, but I wanted to clarify that the starting level of the Death Knight has not been finalized, but they will start at a higher level as a level 1 Death Knight doesn't sound quite right.

-The massive flood of Death Knights will clog battlegrounds, making matches extremely uneven (No class variety, so less heals, druid bufs, etc.)

Bornakk wrote:

While a lot of people may make Death Knight alts to try out the class, especially near the launch of Wrath of the Lich King, not everybody is going to level them to 80 or switch them to their main character. Also, both factions will be interested in playing the Death Knight, so any lack of heals will probably go both ways.

-The lack of levels to obtain takes away what makes WoW so fun: Leveling up and gaining new abilities.

Bornakk wrote:

They will still need to level through Outland and Northrend which can take a fair amount of time.

-New players will have to wait months to try a class they may have wanted from the beginning.

Bornakk wrote:

We have not finalized way that the Death Knight will be unlocked yet, if that is what you are referring to.

We have wanted to make Hero Classes for a long time and we feel the Death Knight will be a fun one to start with while adding a great new element to the game for players to enjoy fighting with... and against.

EU Forums

Vaneras talks about surnames

Vaneras wrote:

The developers would very much like to add surnames to the game at some point in the future, but there are no immediate plans for this on schedule.

Forums aren't the only thing, though. The Ogri'la section on the official WoW website has been updated with tips on gaining reputation.


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