2.2, Gloomy zones, Karazhan healing ring and more

Well then, the 2.2 PTR shut down today, so there's a chance it will be coming out Tuesday. On the other hand, there are still threads for the "Blues" to respond to, so here's a quick recap of that and a bit more.

Bornakk on gloomy zones and a request to not include them in WotLK.

Bornakk wrote:

In general we don't want anybody to walk into a zone and say "oh, another one of these zones". One of the best things the zones in the game are their diversity. Some zones may share similarities, but we want them all to have a unique feeling as well for players to enjoy.

Drysc on a request to buff the Karazhan Rep healing ring.

Drysc wrote:

The Karazhan Grand Restorer ring is better than the Magtheridon Lightwarden's band. It may not have the stats distributed exactly how you want them, but it is technically "better".

[Tharfor talks about the process behind reviewing features in the game.

Tharfor wrote:

It's funny how people say that in pretty much all the posts I make :)

I'd love to sit here with a big book of everything that has happened and everything is being worked and give full disclosure about everything you want to know; it would make me feel empowered.

However, a side effect of the creative process is that it's, well, creative and free-form. This means that when people ask "What is going on with X?" the answer could be "Nothing yet." but 3 minutes later there are 20 people working on 'something' related to X. Of course, most people (and even I am guilty of this) hate to stop what they are doing in order to record what they are doing so that people can say "Hey, what did you do today?" so they often don't.

This means that when the thing that is being worked eventually gets finished someone says "So.. what exactly did you do?" and then another someone has to go through and create a document which has to be proof read and verified and authorised and polarised and quantified... well maybe not those last two, but you get the gist.

Or course, this then leads to the scenario that by the time anyone says "Here, you can post this information about X.", the changes are already live and everyone who cared about them 6 months ago goes "Lol, wut?".

Ok, that's a pretty extreme example but I'm trying to say: it's frustrating for everyone, because everyone has different needs and wants. I hope you can understand that and I hope you don't lose faith in us.

We really do want to give you what you want as much as is possible.

P.S. Sorry for the slightly weird rant, but I'm in a funny mood today :)

In other news that isn't forum-related, Blizzard posted over 100 professionally taken photos of BlizzCon.

Of course, what day would be complete if not for an honorable mention in this month's comic contest.


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