Season 3, 2.3 Ret Paladins and more - Updated

Monday Blues time; you know... those days you just wish weren't there because it's the start of a long week? Cheer up - we've got some Blue poster information for the official World of Warcraft forums.

New PvP-oriented trinkets in 2.3

Kalgan wrote:

There are a few new pvp oriented trinkets for 2.3.

All versions of the trinket have a click effect to gain 1750 max health (kind of like the old lifegiving gem effect), along with a passive effect (your choice of 47 spell damage, 40 spell crit rating, 80 attack power, 40 melee crit rating, or 88 healing).

...but they costs Badges of Justice

Kalgan wrote:

Actually, they cost badges of justice, which will also be available off Kara and Zul Aman bosses.

So then, why Badges instead of Honor?

Kalgan wrote:

We like to encourage players to mix it up a little to a reasonable extent. Obviously, I can't argue that you personally will have more total fun if you also do a little PvE to go along with your PvP, but we do feel that for most players it adds up to a better overall play experience.

That being said, you certainly can tank heroics in s2 gear.

Nethaera on Voice Chat working in the guild chat channel.

Nethaera wrote:

From our Voice Chat F.A.Q.-

Q: Does voice chat work in guild chat or when using the “/say” command to talk to characters in your immediate vicinity?

A: At this time, the integrated voice chat feature does not work in guild chat, “/say,” global defense, trade, or any public chat channel. However, we may look into offering voice chat functionality for the guild chat channel in the future.

Voice Chat should now be enabled on all realms.

Nethaera wrote:

Please take a look at the post again. We updated it this morning (and have been updated as we have needed to) and all realms that have not had it enabled yet are now in the process of receiving rolling restarts so that the Voice Chat feature can be enabled. We expect the process to be completed by 2:00 PM PDT.

Does the Lich King really die when Arthas does?

Nethaera wrote:

Interesting concept to think about isn't it? But does killing Arthas really mean the undead cease to exist? They existed when he was just a paladin didn't they?

There are things to ponder here but most importantly...

Does the Lich King cease to be when the vessel is destroyed?

More Ret Paladin changes in 2.3?

Nethaera wrote:

We've been posting what we can at this point in time and I would take anything else you find out there as being rumored with a tablespoon of salt or more.

When does Season 3 start?

Bornakk wrote:

We have not given a date on when season 3 will begin. We have said that we will provide an early notification of when it will start though of at least two weeks.

So then maybe it's coming with 2.3!

Bornakk wrote:

And the date for that is? ;-)

Tharfor adds a new thread to the Informative and useful Shaman threads sticky post.

As a reminder, keep an eye out on the Patch 2.3 changes.

And to cap the day off, here's a video submitted by Popojiju; it's a kill video of the encounter High Astromancer Solarion.

<center> <script type="text/javascript"> var FO_74 = { movie:"", width:"500", height:"350", majorversion:"7", build:"0", bgcolor:"#FFFFFF", allowfullscreen:"true", flashvars:"file=" }; $("#flvplayer_74").click(function(event) { UFO.create(FO_74, "flvplayer_74"); $(this).unbind('click'); }); </script> </center>


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