2.2.3 Coming Soon to the PTR

Yep, you read it right - it's not a typo. 2.2.3 is coming soon to the PTR (probably tonight). There are zero details about it currently, so hang back and keep an eye out for what we can expect from this mini-patch.

Hortus wrote:

We will be updating the PTR for 2.2.3 PTR soonish.

I do not have any more information about the PTR at this time, when specific information is available it will be posted here.

Please delete your WoWtest folder from within your World of Warcraft Directory and wait until an announcement is made before downloading the new patch.

I would advise not attempting to copy characters until an announcement is made unless you want them to end up on the wrong server like 2.2.2

Edit: Spamming this forum is a bad idea. I will be deleting inappropriate posts and removing posting privileges of posters who can not follow the forum rules.


Now that we're all sad about it not being 2.3, I'll announce something that should cheer everyone up. Curse now supports BBCode and HTML as options in addition to our special Curse Wiki Markup everywhere on the website where you can post content; articles, forums, guides, blogs, etc. Right now you have to choose one of the options, but this should definitely help remove confusion on how to use the Wiki markup.

The best news of all? Line breaks will occur naturally when using BBCode, just like you'd expect them to; no more nasty looking patch notes that need to be manually formatted!



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