More 2.3 info, future zone improvements, Fan Art & more

There wasn't much action on the forums today, but we've got a recap of the most pertinent info found. The Patch 2.3 changes list has also been updated to reflect some of the new information from today.

Voice Chat now available on all EU realms

Aeus wrote:

With today’s patch (2.2.3) in addition to fixing some sound issues, Voice Chat has now been activated on all realms.

Epic Engineering mount will require 375 Engineering

Bornakk wrote:

We are currently planning for the Epic version to require 375 Engineering skill.

New flight path in STV for Alliance

Kody Note: It's about time!

Eyonix wrote:

We're adding a new flight path to Rebel Camp in northern Stranglethorn Vale. It's coming in patch 2.3.

More zone revamps coming in the future

Drysc wrote:

Hrm, I believe there may have been mention of a few other zones we would like to look at polishing up, but for now we have no announced plans for future zone revisions outside of Dustwallow Marsh in 2.3.

The Voice Chat sweepstakes is now up to week 2, and the results have been published. You can check them out here.

There was also a new Honorable Mention in the October, 2007 Comic Contest released today - this one is by Fluffanudda.

And of course, the new Blizzard Fan Art:


The video for today is Seksi 2 - Reanimated - a Shadow Priest PvP video. Be sure to click through on the title and rate it!

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