Mad Scientist's Potion, Death Knights, AV & more

Heads up, the 2.3 PTR is down for maintenance right now to apply a new build. That means we could see more changes, so keep an eye out for that later tonight and into tomorrow. Here's a quick recap of blue posts for the day and the daily video for your viewing pleasure.

What exactly is the Mad Alchemist's Potion?

Drysc wrote:

It's a trainable alchemist-only rejuvenation potion (replenish health/mana) and will also give a random elixir buff. It won't replace existing elixir buffs though; if you already have one on.

It's cheap to make too, something like a crystal vial and two ragveil.

Dungeon loot upgrades are retroactive.

Bornakk wrote:

If you have the old version in your bag/equipped, when patch 2.3 launches it should update to the new version automatically.

Will Death Knights make Protection Warriors obsolete?

Bornakk wrote:

Currently I don't think any class has a talent spec that is completely obsolete, so I'd have to say "no".

3rd profession at level 80?

Bornakk wrote:

We currently have no announced plans to give players a 3rd profession. Doing so may take away from the community aspect of this multiplayer game and we'd rather just have people choose carefully and talk to others when they need things from other professions.

AV may still see more changes or tweaks.

Nethaera wrote:

Hrm... I've seen people saying they've been having more fun too. So who do we listen to again? The people that don't like it or the people that do?

Just so you are aware, we are keeping a very close eye on what is happening within AV with these changes and are continuing to make adjustments as we feel we need to. Changes ARE going to go live to this Battleground, but those changes are being tweaked prior to them going live.

What about joining AV as a group?

Nethaera wrote:

The Join as Group function is still in consideration, yes. We are keeping a close eye on things to see if we feel comfortable with it and how it may impact queues.

The movie of the day is Azerothian Super Villains - Episode 4, a hilarious machinima created by Ian Beckman. Be sure to click through on the title and share your opinion of the movie by rating it!

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