Ice Block becomes trainable

Big news for Mages -- the Ice Block becoming trainable changes talked about recently, will not be coming in 2.4 -- they'll be coming in 2.3.2! Eyonix posted about it this morning and that's not all being added for Mages. Cold Snap will be moving up into the place of Ice Block -- with a reduced cooldown -- and a new talent called Icy Veins will be in the place of Cold Snap's original spot. Icy Veins is an activated ability with a 20 second duration, 3 minute cooldown that reduces casting time by 20% and increases the chance for chilling effects to freeze the target by 25%.

Mana gems are getting some love as well -- Conjure Mana's Rank 6 version will restore 1800-3000 mana and will have 3 charges per conjure, rather than the current 1 charge.

Eyonix wrote:

There are a few nice improvements we're making to the mage class in patch 2.3.2 (a small patch that will be on the public test realms soon) and we wanted to share them with you. First, we'll start out with two changes affecting all mages. Ice block will become a core ability, trainable by all mages at level 30. Additionally, conjure mana (rank 6) will restore 1800-3000 mana and will now have three charges, meaning you can use it three times before having to create a new one.

To be sure we're clear here, yes, the same cooldown will still apply between usages. :P

Cold snap will be moved to Ice block's position in the talent tree and its cooldown will be reduced. As a side note, it will no longer reset the cooldown on fire ward. Moving in to Cold snap's spot will be a brand new ability called Icy Veins. This new ability will decrease casting time for all spells by 20% and increases the chance that chilling effects freeze the target by 25%. It's an active ability, lasting 20 seconds and has a 3 minute cooldown.


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